TwitchCon drama & controversy SD 2022

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If you saw the news about the foam pit at TwitchCon or “Death Pit” as they are calling it now. Let us tell you that it might be the headline but, there is much more where it came from. Now we will try to keep this TwitchCon drama as factual as we possibly can so stay with us as we let it all unfold,

Where the TwitchCon drama started?

Twitch’s biggest streamers PokimanexQc, and Heelmike, bokoen, Dream, GeorgeNotFound attended the event. The line up for the after party was insane too we had A-list performer Miss Megan Thee Stallion and Kim Petras. But a lot went wrong at and even before the event, the first thing being health and safety concerns. Organizers addressed them by releasing and dedicating a whole page to health measures on the website.

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The event started on Friday, Oct 7 and concluded on Sunday, Oct 9. The event has given people much to talk about, have left the fans and especially the streamers, quite upset. Where the TwitchCon foam pit made the headlines much more has been talked about on multiple social platforms too.

TwitchCon drama with streamers

Many big names have and are quitting Twitch as their main streaming platform which leaves its credibility as a question mark. A few former twitch partners voiced their concerns about attending the event during their streams and podcasts prior to the event.

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It is a common thing and not such a big stir up but poor management was another big complaint. It kept many attendees in huge queues. For example, meet n greets with celebrity streamers and as such. 

Attendees talked about the non-existent accessibility, making many fans with reduced mobility unable to enter certain sectors or panels of the event. People in wheel chairs said that the staff will circle them around the same places to prevent them from going to different panels. The reason, panel inaccessibility to them for different reasons. 

Adding to the TwitchCon drama, several streamers and attendees indicated that abusers and harassers are invited to the con. Several acts of groping and harassment were also reported. Their were complaints from the LGBTQ community about inclusivity. Many said that the platform is extremely unfriendly with their frequent getting the pronouns wrong and misgendering.

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Last but definitely not the least, the several distasteful moments caught on camera during different live shows. A rather notorious one was of Hasanabi. He is easily one of the most famous content creators on the platform. He had to confront a person at the convention who asked him about a fight with Sam Hyde. Hassan and Hyde have a history. Hyde who is a controversial comedian for making jokes without forgiveness of minorities such as the Jews has accusations of anti-Semitism on him.

Positive TwitchCon drama

Twitch Minecraft Streamer Dream who remained anonymous for almost three years revealed his face right before TwitchCon. Debuting in person at TwitchCon San Diego 2022, Dream was quickly greeted by thousands of fans. In addition to interacting with random fans, Dream participated in “Dream & Friends: The Ultimate SMP Reunion” in front of almost 400 viewers.

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This was his reaction, “I legitimately was just in shock,” he told BuzzFeed News. “You see a number in your mind, you know, 30 million, but even seeing 1,000 people in a room or 200 people in a room, and it’s just like, Holy shitThis is for you. This is your life.”

Megan Thee Stallion played a set that featured Master Chief. He was enjoying himself while Meghan did her thing. People are definitely calling it one of the Top 5 moments of TwitchCon.

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Hasan later had some fun time too, when he and xQc came face to face in the foam pit. xQc got imbalanced and fell into the pit, losing the match against Piker. Piker was seen patting on xQc’s shoulder appreciating his efforts after the face-off.


That is all we have for you for TwitchCon drama for now. Stay tuned for more updates like this and if you like our content show some love and share it around. Happy Streaming!