The Best Free VR Game List – June 2022


This time, we will share information about the best free VR game in 2022, which you really don’t want to miss. As technology develops, there are now many games that use Virtual Reality (VR) technology. Games that use this technology also seem to be developing very quickly so they are now quite easy for us to meet.

Before going any further, let’s first look at what is a Virtual Reality (VR) Game? VR games are games that can be played together with virtual reality devices. When playing VR games, you will feel as if you are entering the game, in other words, this game provides a very real visual appearance.

Well, on this occasion, we will provide the best free VR game in 2022 which will take you into the game world that looks real. Check out the list below!

There are at least several best free VR game on Android that can be called the best. whether it’s judged by the VR technology, game play, graphics and controls. Each game will be equipped with a download link at the end of the game discussion. Let’s just discuss the first game:

1. Best Free VR Game – VR Adventure Water Slide

Best Free VR Game
Source: TapTap

Have you ever been on a water slide? This one vehicle is a vehicle that is quite challenging for your guts. Where you will fall from a height of several meters and will fall into the water. No need to go to water rides, just imagine you can play it anywhere, anytime, and at any time just in your hand.

You can feel the sensation by playing this high quality virtual game. To play it of course you must have a gyroscope on your android. To collect points, you can shift the tilt of the mobile from left to right. Don’t worry, this game is very friendly and easy to download.

2. VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360

best vr games 2
Source: Google Play Store

You can feel a thrilling and tense experience through this VR game. You have the opportunity to feel the joy of riding a roller coaster. The thrilling and thrilling sensation that you will then feel for real because the videos of the rides are from real life footage.

If you don’t have a gyroscope, you can still play it by tilting your head left or right to play the video. You can choose the roller coaster you want, the classic model roller coaster or the roller coaster with the highest speed.

3. Trinus VR Lite

Best Free VR Game 2022
Source: Google Play Store

Unlike VR games in general, to play this game you have to connect your android to a PC. All you need to play it is an android, PC, Free TrinusVR PC app, and a headset (such as: Google Cardboard, Homido, and others). To play it, you have to follow several procedures: download the Trinus VR Lite application on your android, get the free Trinus VR PC application on the official website, follow the next steps, plug in your headset and start playing.

4. 360TUBE-VR

free vr game download
Source: Google Play Store

This VR game application developed by Lunagames Fun & Games got a pretty good rating on the google play store, on average it got 4 stars. This is very natural, because you no longer need to go to the cinema or bother to download movies. Just select the video you want to watch in VR on your android for free.

You also not only get the experience of watching, but the experience of feeling the same sensation as the video you watch. The types of videos also vary, ranging from films, music, world developments, to history so that they can be used as media for children’s education. Provides 3D and 2D video and wide compatibility. Please download the game via the link below.

5. Best Free VR Game – Roller Coaster VR Simulator

best Vr games 5
Source: Google Play Store

Roller coaster VR simulator is a virtual world game that is quite popular and booming in the community. Roller coaster itself is a challenging game and quite extreme. Then what if you feel it before your eyes? Seeing the train that looks like you’re riding swaying over the hanging and winding rails. The settings in the game are also very supportive, you can see the city view from the train because the features in this game are 3D according to reality.

To play it, there is no time limit to complete the game. With 360 degrees of rotation and a gyro meter used, it adds to the real impression and makes it easier for you to control the game. This game developed by ARS studio certainly has HD image quality and has 3 modes, one of which is Simple Mode which allows you to watch movies or videos comfortably.

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