4 Free XP Maps in Fortnite Creative Mode – Get More XPs in Faster Ways!

XP is essential for leveling up on Fortnite, as well as unlocking some Battle Stars. However, collecting XP on Fortnite is not child’s play. It requires skill and dedication to complete some challenging quests in the Battle Royale mode. But did you know that you can find free XP maps in Fortnite?

Well, playing the classic Battle Royale mode could be quite tiring and time-consuming sometimes. No kidding. But with Fortnite Creative mode and maps, you can chill and have fun for a while with a faster way to get more XPs, because some maps on this mode are a great resource to earn XP.

If you don’t believe that, just jump right into this guide and prove it yourself. We’ll also explain how to get free XP in Fortnite Creative mode. Let’s go!

1. The Pit – Free for All (Free XP Maps in Fortnite Creative Mode)

how do I get free XP in Fortnite
Get XP for each opponent kill | Source: Epic Games

This map truly serves a dual purpose as both a thrilling battlefield and a training ground for new weapons. In this map, you can get XP for each kill against an opponent. Additionally, you can also try out the latest weapons from the current season, like the DMR and other available weapons. Believe us, you’ll be racking up XPs lickety-split.

2. Zombieland

20-50 XP per zombie kill | Source: Fortnite Creative HQ

As the name implies, you’ll meet a lot of zombies on this map. Every Zombie here will give you 20-50 XP a kill. Well, you might think that the XP isn’t that much. However, the zombie will begin to spawn in larger numbers, giving you bigger chance to harvest more XPs in no time!

3. The Parkour Deathrun 200+ Map

Source: Epic Games

Another map that is great for racking up XPs is The Parkour Deathrun 200+. You can say that it’s an XP goldmine due to the high amount of XP it can serve. 

To get the XP, you’ll need to get involved in a parkour course that offers 50 coins to collect. The interesting thing is that each coin will give at least 400 XP per pick-up. That’s dope!

4. One Shot Gun Game (Another Free XP Maps in Fortnite Creative)

Shoot an opponent, and get 500 XP | Source: Fortnite YouTube

Experience the thrill of the hunt in Fortnite Creative’s Gun Game maps, inspired by the classic Call of Duty. With a unique twist, every player has only 1 point of health.

In addition, this map allows you to rack up a staggering amount of XP, with approximately 500 XP per kill across a series of 55 weapons per round. So if you’re looking to boost your XP and hone your shooting skills, this high-stakes version of Gun Game is the way to go.


Now that you know all the free Fortnite Creative XP map codes for Season 4, you can give it a shot and earn XPs as many as possible in a more time-saving route. The more XP you’ll get, the faster you can level up on this game.

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