6 Funny Glitches in Fortnite, Laughing Out Loud!

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Funny errors in Fortnite during Season 3 are just as useful as errors in previous seasons. Players may be having difficulty advancing and reaching milestones this season, but these errors can help them do it quickly.

However, when problems are found, the game’s creators usually act fast to fix them. This means gamers only have a short time to try out these errors before they are repaired. So, before they get fixed, here are a few amusing errors in Fortnite that you should definitely try. We will showcase errors from Chapter 2 and 3 of Season 3.

Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3

This chapter came with many major changes in the map and much more. The left-side of the island now have Reality Falls and Rave Cave instead of Camp Cuddle, The Fortress and Command Cavern. There are exciting new characters and more landmarks. The renewed Battle Pass has Indiana Jones and Darth Vader as its highlight.

Now let’s get started on the glitches, the first funny glitch we have is:

Funny glitches in Fortnite

Darth Vader’s Glitch

Unlock and wear the Darth Vader gear to accomplish the latest Fortnite bug. Volatile should be your back bling. When you choose Darth Vader’s back bling from the locker, it won’t appear. It functions like a gigantic Minesweeper ball on any skin. However, Lord Vader is an exception.

The surprise is in the lobby. In a match, the back bling floats above and follows the character. It responds to player actions like pickaxe swinging, jogging, and sprinting. It looks fantastic, and players consider it to be one of the fun glitches in Fortnite, but Epic Games will probably fix the bug shortly.

Merged Skin Glitch

Players who have completed the final of the Week 3 tasks using a disguise can obtain a free skin. In addition, this bugged quest allows players to combine two different clothing types into a single look. After donning the unlocked look of a skin, players should compete in a match with that look. Then the players must put on the disguise and carry out the remaining steps of the mission. Once the player completes the mission, the unlocked style of their basic clothing will be combined with the style of the outfit they initially started with.

AR Combat in the Tent

Before voting, players tested the Combat AR and MK-Seven. Some gamers hid their Combat ARs in tents. Despite MK-Seven AR’s victory, Combat AR is still accessible in Tents. Thanks to reoccurring Tent bugs in Fortnite, users may keep limited-time weapons and equipment and retrieve them long after they are gone from the game.

Unlimited Sprint

Tactical Sprint was introduced in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2. This feature lets players sprint faster, although it’s limited by stamina. After depleting stamina, players return to an average pace. Tweaking parameters can give the Tactical Sprint limitless stamina. Turn off ‘Toggle Sprint’ and bind sprint to the mouse wheel. Players may then overuse the mouse wheel to run forever.

Siege Canon’s Glitch

The recently added Siege Cannon and a dumpster are responsible for one of the game’s funniest bugs. Players that use a Siege Cannon to fire themselves directly into a dumpster and then hide within it will not instantly remove the launch flight effect. Once again, players will be catapulted into the air when exiting the trash, allowing them to cover more ground. This is one of the funny glitches in Fortnite.

Tank Rift’s Glitch

A problem has been discovered in one of the map’s rifts; players who enter it while riding tanks will fall through the ground and perish. You’ll find the fissure at the westernmost part of the map, inside the Seven Territories above Camp Cuddle. Try out this game-changing bug in Fortnite, but if your numbers mean anything to you, don’t do it again. However, this is considered another one of the funny glitches in Fortnite.

Throwing in this latest XP Glitch as a bonus to give you a kick start so do check this out.


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