Battlefield 2042 Leaked Features and Preload Date


Battlefield 2042 beta is likely just around the corner, but now we might know exactly when players can preload the game too. The discussion regarding this highly anticipated title has been non-stop with gamers eager to jump into their favorite shooter as soon as it drops. Moreover, they’re hungry for more details on the release date and time frame!

The Battlefield 2042 Open Beta release date has been announced by a trusted source. The same knowledgeable individual may have revealed when the preload begins too!

Although it was recently rumored that this beta would be released later than expected, fans are still eagerly awaiting some sort of news on when they can get their hands on the game.

Battlefield 2042 Release and Preload Date

battlefield 2042 release dates
Source: GamesRadar

Tom Henderson has been the trusted voice in the Battlefield community for years, providing important details regarding this game since before its official reveal. Recently he quashed an existing rumor about the 2042 release date being September 6th!

However, in a recent statement when asked about being able to preload Battlefield 2042 he had this to say;

“Looking like the 20th – Can’t be certain though as they typically can announce/change this time whenever they want.”

The Open Beta could be coming any day now! Henderson can’t confirm a specific date, but he adds that this isn’t unusual. He also mentions the possibility of changes at DICE’s whim which would affect when beta testers get their copy and start playing with friends around the world. 

DICE has been silent about the Battlefield 2042 release date, but that should change soon. With only months left before launch it seems likely they’ll announce a beta this time around and provide gamers with even more Closed Alpha access than ever before!

Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Features

Battlefield 2042 features
Source: Polygon

Thanks to recently datamined information, we now have a greater understanding about the upcoming game. For example: Battlefield 2042 will include weapon customization options and ‘Streaks’ called Hazard Zone Streak!

Hazard Zone Streak

Have you heard the good news? We’re all going to be in for an exciting change with Hazard Zone, a brand new game mode coming soon! It will apparently make Battle Royale players think differently and give them something different than what they were expecting. Some people say that it’s like Escape From Tarkov because of its extraction mechanic.

The data miner also says that there will be an integral part of the experience about extraction streaks. They could possibly grant bonuses such as tactical upgrades, increased XP, and perks to help you in combat.

Weapon Customization

Thanks to the efforts of Temporyal, avid gamers and data-miners have uncovered new information about Battlefield 2042’s weapon customization details.

The Technical Playtest files have been the trove for all of Temporyal’s customizations to date, with new findings in their latest exploration. There are options such as barrels and grips that will make your gun a little more personalized!

The FPS game has just been revealed to have some exciting reveals, including the Subsonic Ammo and even an Armor-Piercing Grenade Launcher! In addition players can take advantage of this new Battlefield 2042 Weapon Attachment Switching system.

Data-mined info isn’t always accurate and can contain leftover or unused assets but it could likely be present in the game given how close we are to its launch. With that said, let’s just hope this popular game lives up to its fans’ expectations!

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