Call of Duty Mobile: How to get free CP

Are you looking to find easy ways on how to get free CP (COD Points) in Call of Duty? One of the highest rated mobile games with a monthly player rate of 56,550,255 in the last 30 days alone! It’s safe to say Call of Duty Mobile isn’t going anywhere. With such stiff competition, it’s no surprise that players are constantly trying to get ahead of the game; pun intended!

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So, how can players get that extra edge but at no extra cost? Sit back, relax, and read through our foolproof guide!

CP: The Order of the Day

Veterans of the game would be more than familiar with Call of Duty Points, or CP, for short. However, for those newly venturing into the field of war; CPs are the currency used to obtain in-game items.

If you’re itching to buy a new weapon skins, outfits, or experience points to level up, CPs are your ticket to ride! However, in most cases, they don’t come cheap and often use real currency in the form of in-app purchases to proceed.

Well, not anymore! Here are just some of the ways with which you can get free CPs.

Filling Out Surveys

The most traditional, and so far, the easiest way to earn free CPs is by earning them through Google Opinion Rewards. By taking out a few minutes via Google Play, players can utilize they currency rewards they earn to buy CP in the game.

Although there are a various number of platforms that offer monetary rewards upon survey completion, Google remains the most reliable especially with the integration of Google Play Balance.

Giveaway Galore

Most COD players are often on the look out for giveaways on various social media platforms; Discord, Facebook, Twitch, and LOCO. These giveaways are community wide and come with promises of rich rewards such as weapon blueprints, various gears, and operators.

However, the most important giveaway reward remains to be the large amount of CP often associated with these giveaways. Screenshot Scavenger Hunt is a prime example of a classic COD giveaway. In February, the official Facebook page of Garena COD Mobile held the giveaway with a promise of 7000 CPs as a reward!

All players had to do was to find the secret location in the game within 7 days and take a screenshot of the location. Of course, a classic emote in that secret location was a definite must! Posting with the relevant hashtags made players eligible for the giveaway for that grand prize.

Though giveaways are abundant, they can’t always guarantee a win. But you know what they say; fortune favors the brave! Why not try your luck the next time you see a giveaway? You never know what you may win.

Refer a Friend!

External websites such as COD M Skins offer free points as a reward for signing up to their site. With a few simple steps, players can easily gain 100 free points along with a handful of others bonuses:

  • Signing up for this platform will earn complementary CP.
  • Sign in and receive a specialized link.
  • Share the link with friends to invite them. Each successful invite will earn 50 CP.

Voila! In just three simple steps you’re that much closer to buying that weapon skin you’ve been wanting!

Slow and Steady

The more traditional route of earning CP is to take part in Battle Pass missions. By completing these missions, players can escalate in the tier list, with each tier granting a fixed number of CP. While it isn’t easy to earn all that CP in one go, the challenge is definitely worth the reward!

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