Pokémon Gen 9 Starters Evolutions: The Best Upgraded Form

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Nintendo has announced the newest installment of Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet along with the Gen 9 starters. There are Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. And after a long wait wondering about them, now you’ll finally know what type of them and witness the final Pokémon Scarlet Gen 9 starters’ evolutions. Who’s excited?

If we look back on the previous version of the game, the last Pokémon starter evolutions are more human-looking. Therefore, many people expect that Pokémon will put new upgrades for the final evolution of Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly to be more monstrous-looking.

Well, to see if Nintendo really hears their fans about the evolution of these adorable creatures, let’s look no further than this Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet guide!

Pokémon Gen 9 Starters Evolutions: Sprigatito

Pokemon Gen 9 Starters Evolutions
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The first Pokémon starter is Sprigatito. Its name was actually inspired by the Spanish language. It’s a portmanteau of the words Sprig and Gatito which refers to kitten in Spanish.

When it comes to its appearance, Sprigatito looks like a Grass Cat Pokémon. It’s green with a little touch of leafy accent on its face and neck. And based on the appearance, it’s expected that Sprigatito is a grass-type Pokémon. Yes, it is.

Additionally, Sprigatito’s ability is Overgrow. This ability allows it to increase the power of its physical and special grass-type moves by 50% in its low health level. So, this could be so much useful while it’s in critical health during the battles. Other than that, this Pokémon is also great in Speed and Attack.

Once you’ve reached level 16, your Sprigatito can evolve into Floragato and will turn into Meowscarada, the final evolution, in level 36. Meowscarada is basically a Grass/Dark Pokémon that has Flower Trick as its signature move. This move is undoubtedly deadly and will never miss landing a critical hit to your opponents. Besides that, the speed has also increased from when it was in its basic form.

pokemon scarlet and violet starters evolutions leak
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Despite its amazing speed and attack, Sprigatito is weak against flying and bug-type Pokémon. But when it comes to beating water and rock-type ones, leave it to this Pokémon.

Gen 9 Final Evolutions: Fuecoco

Gen 9 Final Evolutions
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The next Pokémon is Fuecoco. Judging from its appearance, this Pokémon looks like a little dinosaur yet there’s a touch of the dragon as well. But turned out it’s a form of a crocodile, according to its Spanish-inspired name, Fuego (fire) and coco/cocodrilo (crocodile). Additionally, Fuecoco is the Fire-type starter Pokémon, and it’s classified as the Fire Croc Pokémon.

Compared to two other Pokémon gen 9 starters, Fuecoco is claimed as the strongest. Its basic ability, like other fire-type Pokémon’s, is Blaze. This ability enables Fuecoco to boost physical and special fire-type moves by 50% in its low-level health. In addition, He has 338 HP for maximum starts and 247 Special Attacks.

pokemon scarlet starters evolutions leak
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Fuecoco will evolve into Crocalor when you have got level 16. In level 36, it will be able to transform into Skeledirge, the final evolution, which will gain a Torch Song ability, with 100% accuracy. This ability powers up the user’s special attack stat as well as the ability to deal with Fire damage.

Unlike Sprigatito, Fuecoco is weak to water and rock-type Pokémon. On the contrary, it’s strong when it comes to facing grass and bug-type Pokémon.

The Final Form of Quaxly

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The last starter in Pokémon Gen 9 is Quaxly. This Pokémon actually has a pretty match name and form. Indeed, Quaxly is a Pokémon with a duck-like form as it is translated from Japanese as the Baby Duck Pokémon. Due to its appearance, Quaxly is a water-type Pokémon and it has Torrent as its basic ability.

Just like Sprigatito’s Overgrow and Fuecoco’s Blaze, this Torrent ability can power up its physical and special water-type moves by 50% if its health is low. So when this Pokémon is in critical health during the battles, it always can hit the enemies back.

At level 16, Quaxly will evolve into Quaxwell, and its final evolution will be Quaquaval. Quaquaval is a dual water/fighting Pokémon that has Aqua Step as its signature move, which can give you a very high water attack stat. On top of that, this signature ability can also boost the speed stat by 1 stage. That’s amazing!

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Anyway, grass-type Pokémon will always be a kind of problem for water-type Pokémon, and it applies to Quaxly as well. But fret not, because it’s strong against the rock-type Pokémon.

Other Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Updates

pokémon scarlet and violet release date
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In addition to those three new Pokémon, you can find other new characters. One of the characters that may appear in the latest Pokémon installment is Professor Sada and Turo. No, you didn’t hear it wrong. Scarlet and Violet now have two professors.

Other than that, there is also a Pokémon trainer named Grusha who looks kinda cute and lovely (until you find out that Grusha is a man, LOL), Mr. Jacq the Biology teacher, and more! You’ll see them in November, so keep an eye out!

Which One is The Best?

If you are asking which are the best Pokemon Gen 9 starters, the answers to this can be relative.

Fuecoco might be the slowest among all. But, he has the highest damage on the special attack, so you can obliterate the enemy easier.

Sprigatito is the fastest Pokemon, but the stats is pretty much mediocre and balanced. With moves like Leafage, Seed Bomb, making it is suitable for fast fighting scenarios.

Quaxly has the best Attack stat among all. He also has a mix of Water / Flying-type attacks like Water Gun and Wing Attack that proves usable in many fighting scenarios.

So which one is the best? It’s up to your choice and which gameplay strategy you favor.


So, what do you guys think about the Pokémon Gen 9 starters evolutions above? Do they meet your expectations? You should play them directly within the game to know how powerful they are.

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