The Matrix Awakens New game

The Matrix Awakens opens up a new door and a benchmark for upcoming games

We all know that ‘The Matrix’ was very famous movie around the world. It won many prizes due to its new concepts and visuals. Inspiring from this movie, now in future high graphics games are going to be launched which definitely will bring a new change. The Matrix Awakens tutorial in video form is launched and warm welcomed by the game lovers. Twenty years ago matrix changed the movie industry and now it has returned to change the gaming industry.

Matrix Awakens is not a fully-fledged game but it is actually a demonstration for Unreal Engine 5. New graphics are introduced through this tutorial. Through this we get eerily close to the Matrix reality.

As we know that Twitch is big platform for online game streaming. So, this game is going to provide good twitch clips to enjoy with the friends.

Attractive and Most Popular Script

Script is totally based on the real movie. It is beautifully designed and trailer has showed full story and it recalls the memory of that old movie. Concept and script of movie is still present in people’s mind. Same kind of missions and characters are introduces in this game.

As we know that video streaming is very famous among the game lovers. People make short clips from game and then share with their friends. In this type of game video clips are going to be very special because of special features and highly defined graphics. Short clips of this game can be easily made through twitch highlight maker. Some people ask questions that do twitch highlights expire, no absolutely not. Twitch highlights becomes the part of your library.

Public reviews are very impressive. Everyone who gets introduced with this game, becomes its fan and wish to definitely play this game.

Design and Graphic Structure of game

In this game, design of city is according to the  structure of real city. It consists of complete road structure, all kind of buildings, bridges, parks and other necessary structures. City is 1.438 km wide and length is about 4.968 km. Area of this city becomes larger than the Los Angeles City. Surface of city is around 15.798 square kilometer and perimeter is  about 14.519km. Sidewalks are so lengthy approximately 512 km. Design and route of roads is attractive and lengthy about 260 km. There are lot of lot of intersections in the city about 1248. Also, there is lot of beautifully designed building with beautiful graphics. There is round about 7000 all kind of buildings in the whole city. Lot of polygons create the buildings.

To give real and natural look in this game, lots of pedestrians are shown in every street of city. Simulated pedestrians which are Meta humans are about 35000. Special features regarding light, weather situations and air are introduced. Light source in this game is Sun which enlightens the whole city. There is also night mode in this game. In night time, to make streets visible, lights sources are windows of buildings which throw light in the street which creates real night scene. At once, no one can guess either it is natural or graphic design.

Graphics are so realistic!

We know that 3D video game basis on some kind of missions or operations, becomes attractive by the introduction of lot of new kind of cars and vehicles. Game players like to drive such cars which look very special and modern features. So, keeping this thing in mind, all kind of modern cars are part of this game. Control of vehicles is easy and simple. Many cars are shown parked on different parking places and streets about 45,073 out of which 38,146 cars can be driven and destructed. There are also simulated traffic vehicles which are around 17,000.


Many lamps makes streets attractive which are about 27,848. Manholes are about 12,422 are.

Now let’s talk about how you will be going to play the game. Many things are common as you observe in many games but some features are special which make it different from other video games. There is not special car racing or chasing type competitions but you can drive as well as destroy the cars which will give you the real feelings. Buildings are high as well as small but you cannot land on the buildings in any case. It means this game allows you to play or to do different kind of acts in the streets, under the buildings or on the roads.

What makes Matrix Awakens special?

As you observe scripted running in real time on Xbox or PS5 like many tech demo but in this game there is no such scripted running. Here you can get fly, run and drive through it. We can manipulate angle of Sun and filters can be turn on. You can do this until scripted and on-rail shooters done their part.

Real look of whole game

In first look no one can differentiate either it is real or fake. Graphics designs are special but when you precede it and see the characters, it looks like all real.  That thing makes it special among all the video games.


Mapping and Location of Matrix Awakens

During playing this game, you don’t know where you are and where to go for next mission or normal play. Designed map which is very easy to understand. You can follow the map and can find your location very easily. When you turn on location mode, a map appears on the screen which shows current location and also the map of whole city and you can easily decide where to go and through which path.


Final words for Matrix Awakens

This game is very special with unbelievably awesome graphics and freeway game play. It literally looks like a movie. Every day we are getting closer and closer to real life graphics and Matrix is its proof.





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