7 Best Clideo Alternatives For Video Creators


The advance in technology brings more convenience to human life. One thing that has become easier to do right now is edit videos. Today, you can find a lot of online tools to help you make some edits to your video, for example, Clideo. However, if you want to try other Clideo alternatives, they’re absolutely available on the internet.

Online video editor is getting more popular by the time. It’s because using the online tool is more simple and easy. It doesn’t require an instalment on your device. Simply go to the official website, import the video, and then explore the tools.

In addition to that, most of the online tools are free. No worries about the outputs, because you’ll still get a high resolution for your creation. So, are you curious about the other options for Clideo as the most convenient video editor? Let’s just dive into the list.

Clideo In A Brief

Clideo alternatives
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Clideo is one of the best and easiest online video editors to help you deal with video editing things. What’s so special about this software is that Clideo works well on any popular web browser. You can access it wherever and whenever you want. Don’t worry about how to use it. You’ll catch up immediately because it is really friendly for every user.

Apart from that, Clideo provides you with everything you need, such as a meme maker and speed editor. More importantly, it’s very secure as you edit the video, your file will not store on the system but deleted.

You might need more than just a basic feature to create a more advanced and appealing video. Therefore, we suggest you try other Clideo offline alternatives as to the best solution.

The Best Clideo Alternatives To Try

As a result of our little observation, we have listed 7 online video editors that can be other options for Clideo. If you want to know, just stay tuned and read the list below.


An online tool that might sounds familiar to you is Kapwing. Kapwing is one of the most intuitive tools that’s able to help you manage your video. You can find any interesting features here such as meme generator, converter, moreover do any advanced editing.

To access this editor, you can just come to its website, do a free sign-up, and then just pick the service you need to use. You can edit a video for TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, or even YouTube. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Vimeo: One Of The Clideo Alternatives

Vimeo Masih Diblokir, Begini Cara Mengaksesnya - VPN.co.id
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If you’re looking for a video maker or creator who has more matches with professionals, Vimeo can be the best option. Unlike the previous software, Vimeo provides you with more interesting and comprehensive tools for you.

With Vimeo, you can broadcast live, record your screen, host virtual events, and even monetize videos. If you want to grow your YouTube channel and become an influencer or celebrity, this is a really great starter pack for you.

Additionally, Vimeo comes with four plans, from Plus to Premium. With only $75, you can get all of the superb features given by this version, such as unlimited live events, etc.


clideo offline alternatives
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Renderforest can be a good option if you wish to find an all-in-one software. This is probably the software with the most complete features of all. In addition to providing a fantastic video editor, it also lets you create logos and websites!

If you are a professional, the owner of big companies, you’ll need this in terms of increasing the growth of marketing and branding. In addition, this is actually free to use. You just need to sign up for the account and go play with the features.

Any design graphic templates are also available on Renderforest. Aside from all of the advantages, will you take this software as a Clideo alternative?

Eklipse: The Best Clideo Alternatives

alternative of kapwing
Source: Eklipse

In addition to the previous tools, there are still alternatives you can try to help you manage your video on the internet. Eklipse also allows you to do any editing actions to your video. You can trim, cut, or even clip the best highlights from the video.

The interesting part of all is that Eklipse can do it all automatically using its AI system. As a result of that, you don’t need any manual things to make your video good. You are only required to paste the URL video on the existing box there.

Then, just sit and wait until the process is done and you can just export it or share it immediately to the platform you wish. Other than that, you can also get other advanced features if you join for the premium version. But before you start it, sign up yourself and connect Eklipse to other platforms.


All your video needs in one place | Clipchamp
Source: Clipchamp

For those who wish to get a simple yet complete tool, you need to try Clipchamp. It provides you with a lot of features needed regarding video making, like screen recording, green screen, text-to-speech, or other fantastic features.

You can try it for free before deciding to upgrade to other plans. Talking about plans, Clipchamps offers you four kinds of pricing that is available to choose from. If you don’t need too comprehensive tools, you can try the basic version. It gives you unlimited video exports and allows you to create full HD videos.

In another hand, you’ll get greater features if you upgrade the basics into Creator, Business, and Business Platinum. Additionally, the Business version is the most preferable version of all. With only $19/month, you can get almost everything you wish to produce excellent videos.

Wideo: Other Clideo Alternatives

Create Professional Animated Videos and Presentations - Wideo
Source: Wideo

Wideo is another alternative to Clideo with a drag and drops feature. It means that you only need to go to its official website, then just paste the URL video you wish to edit on the existing box.
Not stopping there, Wideo also gives you special tools to make an animated video of your own.

Moreover, a professional marketing video can be created with just a few clicks. No need for extra effort, its AI system will get it all done automatically.

Other than that, you can also record and share the video instantly with other platforms or any customer. You just need to pay $59 for more convenient features.


Kapwing online alternatives
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The last but not least suggestion for an online video editor goes to Pixelayers. This also applies the drag-and-drop method to possibly edit your video. Like most of the software mentioned,

Pixelayers has a friendly and intuitive preview. Therefore, this software suits me well for beginners.
Using Pixelayers, you will not need more time to wait for the rendering process done. It only takes for while to prepare your video ready. Besides, you can also record and share a video on any platform simultaneously.


Clideo is indeed a good tool to manage your video. However, there are still many Clideo alternatives you can try as other options. They are coming with a simpler interface yet complete features than Clideo. So, from the list above, which one of the software do you prefer to try? Leave your comment below.

Anyway, one of the easiest video editors as an alternative to Clideo is Animoto. If you want to know more about Animoto and other similar tools, you can head over to our article here: Animoto Alternatives in 2023 – With Price 6 Features.

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