Dying Light 2: Release & Gameplay Review

Street view Villedor DL2
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Dying Light 2 is releasing today and we cannot be more ready to explore a stunning but dying, post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. Get ready to parkour around the biggest cityscape and on top of tallest skyscrapers. Dying Light 2 releases today on February 4th, 2022 and no, this is not a paid review.

Dying Light 2
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Dying Light 2: Storyline

It has been 15 years and sadly, you need to leave Harran and Kyle behind. As you enter the vastness of Villedor or The City, you are a new person. You will play as Aiden, a pilgrim who is on a mission to find his sister, Mia.  Mia is missing and is supposed to be somewhere in Villedor. Ah Villedor, a beautiful almost poetic ruin, an open world filled with hopelessness. It has the virus which has now spread too far and many, many zombies.

The state of the current world is many folds worse than the prequel but Villedor still looks like it is bustling. Of course, not everyone is human, but we have those who not only survived, but are striving to live. When you look for a save haven you will find various on rooftops as you parkour. People living and trying to be normal is one of most mesmerizing things about this game.

Dying Light 2
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The characters in the game are also very interactive. Almost everyone has an introduction and you get to engage a lot as the story proceeds. It gets a but confusing when you try really hard to track each quirk and asses individual personalities but it is fun nonetheless. It is not great but it is a step up in the story development of sorts.

As you proceed you realize that there is much more to this plot than just a pilgrim looking for his sister. There’s revenge, war, death and factions, The Survivors and The Peacekeepers.


The peacekeepers want to take full control of the city after imposing authority and have a government to manage everything. Survivors on the other hand are more into creating an environment that is lively and survivable for everyone.

Dying Light 2
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As you progress you will realize that siding with one faction or another has no major effect on the story progress but there will be smaller high impact consequences. For example, choosing water and electrical supply towers for one faction or another. We don’t want to get into too much details but let us put it this way that in Dying Light 2 small choices are more excruciating and impactful unlike Techland’s claims.

Day & Night Cycles

In the original Dying Light, players will avoid going out at night and try to do much of what they wanted in the day light. Night time just like the previous game is harrowing but it is worse in Dying Light 2 with the chance to get better collectibles.

The new feature Techland added are the “Dark Corners/Zones” inside the buildings. Yes, now there could be mobs of infected resting and lurking in the darker corners of buildings in the morning time. You can go and take a look at these zones in the night when they leave but you also need to be careful in the morning.

Dark Zone in Dying Light 2
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Dying Light 2 has a story with many emotional moments since the character development is pretty thorough.  You may end up questioning your tiny choices and thinking if you were right or wrong so buckle up. Also, Techland has made it possible for the players to shape the story and change some of the decisions. Of course, you need to put a lot of effort. If you want to alter a decision you previously made be prepared for the grind.

Dying Light 2: Gameplay

Walk? No, Parkour!

Now Parkour some more! Ever had a feeling that you are soaring in the sky, hold on to that when you traverse through Villedor. The traversal play in Dying Light to has no match, period! The controls may feel hard to grasp in the beginning because there are so many of them. Endless combinations and techniques, but once you get a hang of it a few hours into the game, you feel invincible. It is so much fun.

You can explore and enter almost every single structure in the game, with only a few exceptions. In this open world, any place you see you can visit and surely jump over and scoot under and… well, there’s a lot. Controls will eventually feel like muscle memory and you will flow through everything like water.

Combat system

Combat in Dying Light 2 has melee weapons only and oh, how we appreciate this change. Techland removed all the ranged, assault weapons. They really said let’s grab all the best things, make them more fitting for the lore and make them exceptional for Dying Light 2. Genius! 

Combat is where the game really shines through. You will understand it too when you will get into one of those tense melee fights against zombies or faction members. The fights feel so up close and personal. 

You can craft, alter and enhance weapons by using the crafting system in the game. For defense, we have dodge and counter. For offense we can dash and block after using strong or weak attacks. You also have some parkour + combat combinations which are a little hard to pull but deal big damage.


We have almost scratched the surface but we will keep updating this article adding more information about Dying Light 2. We hope you will enjoy this game and stay tuned to Eklipse for more.




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