Top 6 Kinemaster Alternatives for PC You Need To Try

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Kinemaster alternatives for PC have become something necessary to know if you want to find editing software with similar features on PC. As we all know, Kinemaster is one of the best editing tools you can use from your mobile phone. Therefore, this is useful for on-the-go editing.

It not only has complete features, especially for the premium user, but it also provides a friendly interface. This combination has been capable enough to help you produce a sophisticated video. 

However, editing video on your PC will be a lot better than using a mobile app. So, we are going to guide you to find the best Kinemaster alternatives free through the list below. Check it out!

Kinemaster Alternatives For PC Free

Since Kinemaster has impressive features, it seems to be an example of great editing software. Editing software should have similar features at least with this app to be considered good software. However, if you find better tools inside the other software than Kinemaster’s, that’s good. So, here is the list of the alternatives to Kinemaster.

Lightworks: One of The Best Kinemaster Alternatives

Kinemaster Alternatives for PC
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The first alternative you can try on PC is Lightworks. Lightworks provides you with a sleek drag-and-drop timeline and real-time special effects. Using this software, you can combine any clips, trim, cut, or even preset animations.

You can produce top-quality videos with those features. However, Lightworks doesn’t come with a so-friendly interface which will be quite intimidating for beginners. Even the advanced users may experience a significant learning curve.

Sony Vegas Pro

Kinemaster Alternatives For PC Free
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If you are looking for a more friendly, efficient, and professional tool to edit your video, you’d better choose Sony Vegas Pro. It comes with flexible interfaces and many time-saving tools. By using Vegas Pro, you’ll be able to edit any kind of video file up to a professional level smoothly.

Furthermore, there are many editing tools in Vegas Pro, such as effects, crop-cut-trim features, text, or anything. You can also add music and adjust the audio. That’s fantastic, ain’t it? Though this software seems to have advanced tools, it doesn’t always require users with fancy editing skills. 

Movavi Video Editor Plus

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Movavi Video Editor Plus comes with a great editing tool, along with an audio tool. What does that mean? Yes, Movavi allows you to edit not only the video but also the audio in a convenient way. You can remove the audio noise, adjust the beat detection, and many more!

It’s such a complete package for you to try. On top of that, the design of the worksheet is pretty straightforward and clear. Moreover, for all the beginners, you won’t be confused using this interesting tool.

However, if you want a free tool with no watermark, perhaps Movavi won’t suit your need. You have to choose the pricing scenario to have a video without a watermark. But still, this tool is worth trying.

Filmora: A Must-try App of Kinemaster Alternatives

Kinemaster Alternatives
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Aside from Movavi, you’ll have Filmora which comes with a straightforward editing tool as well. Filmora will assist you to make appealing and interactive videos using some cool effects, multiple transitions, audio, and many more.

Not only straightforward, but this software also has an easy-to-use interface. So, for all the beginners, you’d like to try this tool we supposed. With great features, comes great output. On top of that, this software is free to use. Are you interested to try?


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Editing video using a comprehensive tool with unlimited multiple-layer editing for video, audio, and images will be perfect for all editors. Fortunately, you can find it all in PowerDirector.

Other than its multiple-layer, you can also find other exciting tools such as motion graphics, green screen, video stabilization, and more. Of course, it’s not impossible to create your highest-quality videos with these features. Moreover, it’s also possible to directly upload the video to your social media, including YouTube.

Movie Maker

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Are you a beginner in the video editing world but want to learn how to do it? No worries, because you can try Movie Maker as a perfect tool to start with. Since it has created for beginners, Movie Maker features a very simple and friendly interface with a bunch of basic editing tools.

With this simple tool, you can learn about editing videos and creating nice works. You can merge multiple videos, trim, cut, add transitions, add audio, and so on. However, this software is only compatible with Windows. And on top of that, this is a free video editing software for PC. You don’t have to think about the pricing scenario after all.


So, that’s the list of Kinemaster alternatives for PC. You can find many kinds of software which have complete features here. If you are a professional, try the advanced ones, meanwhile, for the beginner, the simple ones will be okay.

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