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This time, the we will be reviewing the first impression of Starfield. a space exploration game that appeared at the end of the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase in the early hours of June 13, 2022.

The old Xbox wasn’t what it is now, maybe the song fits perfectly with what happened to the green console. In the past, maybe we didn’t expect too much of any game that would come out of the Xbox other than Halo or Age Of Empires.

How about now? A 180 degree turn from the previous few years, this time the announcement of the showcase from Xbox is highly anticipated – especially after they acquired Zenimax and other studios. One of the games that you have been waiting for? Surely Starfield can be said to be a very ambitious project from Bethesda.

After previously providing only a few cinematic trailers for the game in 2021, this time at the 2022 showcase they finally provided a trailer for the gameplay and the story of the game.

Since the author is quite interested in this game, this time the author will try to give a first impression and a little breakdown of the Starfield showcase on the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase.

Starfield Showcase First Impressions on Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase

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Before starting, you can first watch the Starfield showcase from the following GameSpot Youtube channel

That said, this game has enormous potential and an activity that can literally spend hundreds to thousands of hours in it. Why is that? If you look at the showcase, we can do various activities such as war in outer space and it seems we can build our own base on a planet.

Not to mention that the planets that you can visit seem to be quite diverse, ranging from Krete which is a moon that appears at the beginning of the showcase, to New Atlantis which is a city on a planet called Jemison.

The number of planets in Starfield is also very massive, at least according to Todd Howard’s claims through his showcase stating that there are more than 1,000 planets and all of them you can visit. Of course the author is reminded of No Man’s Sky which used to claim to have almost 18 quintillion planets, but in the end it didn’t even have a specific enough identity for its own planet.

This is only a small part.

However, it seems that Bethesda is not that blundering because they also show some planets and moons that we can visit such as a snowy planet, the same red planet as Mars, or a moon with a center that has been hit by a meteor.

However, that doesn’t mean this game is without any gaps at all in its showcase, because if you look closely at the advanced animation section, it can be said that it’s still quite stiff and some of the character’s face models are still not polished.

Too ‘smooth’.

Plus, it seems that the enemy AI in this game is not very smart, but deals quite high damage. Where if you see when our characters fight enemies on the moon of Crete, they look very ‘stupid’ like turning their backs on our character when they are in combat, or taking a cover that is open enough for us to shoot from a small gap above the enemy’s head.

However, behind the shortcomings that actually can still be polished later by Bethesda, this game seems to be exciting according to their statement that this is the most ambitious project ever.

Will it be the same or more successful than Skyrim? Let’s see later on its release in 2023.

Some Pretty Interesting Things in Starfield

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Next, let’s break down a few things that can be said to be quite interesting from the Starfield showcase. Check it out!!!

1. Todd Howard’s Statement About the Starfield Game

Todd Howard as Game Director of Starfield stated that this Starfield game is the most ambitious game project ever, and later it is said that we can be whoever or wherever we want in outer space.

At least we can expect that the game will be really big and majestic like Skyrim, where we can spend hundreds to thousands of hours to complete the game. It was even added with a mod that further extended the Skyrim game at that time.

2. Varied World

The world offered in Starfield can also be said to be quite diverse, such as the moon of Crete with rocky and arid terrain, or the bustling city of New Atlantis and futuristic building designs.

In the exploration, it can also be seen at the beginning of the showcase that it is very likely that some planets or all of them will have their own unique animals. And the monster design is also quite unique – unique and a bit scary, especially for those who hate insects.

3. Character Customization

It doesn’t feel complete if an RPG game whose characters we design ourselves doesn’t have customization features to give the characteristics of each character. And luckily, Starfield accommodates this feature which allows you to design everything from biometric codes to our character traits.

To be honest, the customization features in this game are quite a lot. Why? Because one of them is, we can determine our background and nature which will later have innate skills from each of our choices.

For example, the Combat Medic background where one of the innate skills is the amount of blood recovered from the Med Kit increases by 10% from usual, and the total capacity of our luggage will increase by 10 kilograms.

Not to mention the costumes that we can wear later, and can be said to be quite varied such as astronaut clothes, staff, researchers, and much more.

4. Build Base

One of the most highlighted features is that we can build a base on a planet to serve as a base for our activities like the game No Man’s Sky. It is said that this feature will be very helpful if one day we travel to a very distant planet or for farming resources.

Together with Starfield Building the Nation

It’s not just the base that we can build, it turns out that the planes we use can also be modified as we like, even to the point of choosing a crew to operate the plane. Later the modification of our aircraft body will affect the stats and performance of our aircraft later, so it is important to arrange the appropriate and strong aircraft parts as possible.

That’s quite a lot.

5. Aerial Combat

Having a fighter plane, of course, it is impossible not to have the ability and tools to fight in air/space. Fortunately, this feature is still there but it seems quite ordinary and there is nothing new that can ‘invite’ the author to play it often.


Although there are still some that we haven’t mentioned at all, such as weapons, crafting, graphics, or battle mechanics.

The actual graphics may be too early to tell because they can still be polished until the day of release, if the weapons and crafting are still too little displayed so the author is reluctant to discuss it further because it is not a ‘wow’ thing to discuss.

It can be said that the statement about this game being the most ambitious project is true, because the features in this game are made with the intention of bringing gamers to immerse themselves in Starfield.

What do you think? Are you getting hype with this game after the gameplay showcase? Or even become skeptical because it doesn’t live up to expectations? Please give your opinion in the comments below!

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