How to use Eklipse as a growing streamer in 2022


Our team engages with streamers regularly to get feedback on how to use Eklipse as a growing streamer. This article consists of a detailed product (Eklipse) review based on one of those users.

Let us share their take on how they use Eklipse to grow their Twitch stream and other social media. This time we spoke to the very beautiful & bubbly Bec or as she is known on Twitch, yourlocalfae. Fae plays games like Witcher 3, Grounded, Overwatch and uses the just chatting feature a lot. She shared her experience as an Eklipse user and gave us some valuable insight.

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We asked her a couple of questions and this was her review about Eklipse in a nutshell:


Twitch Streamer

An easy 7/10! I think Eklipse is a great service. I can easily get clips without having to re-watch and figure out which one to clip. Eklipse does everything for me and I can find all my favorite clips in one place.

Tips to use Ekipse as a growing streamer

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We bring you answers to all your burning questions as a streaming beginner or a small but growing streamer from someone who has the expertise. Let dive right in:

Q: What do you do before & during a stream session?

Ans: My pre-streaming rituals are pretty simple. I make sure my OBS & bots are working. I check my schedule and shoot up some messages on socials to make sure people are on with questions like: “Hey, are you gaming with me today?” Lastly, I go through my equipment once making sure my mics and everything is working properly.

During the streams, I make sure that I am balancing out the lighting through out. As a loud person in general (laughing), I have to keep a lot of energy going and using the just chat continuously to keep the viewers engaged.

That’s where Eklipse comes in actually, I like to have those clips where I can pull chat like, “Yo! this silly person said this silly thing.” and make a really fun moment out of it. I would really love to just make a community for girls and of course, all the people where they can enjoy video games whilst doing other things.

Q: What goes into post streaming?

Ans: Post stream, I make sure that Eklipse has got my VOD, go through people’s clips which they have made during the stream. I keep a journal to take notes for everything that I want to do during or in the next stream session. I also make a note of all the clips that I need to edit & post later on. Lastly, I just get up and go away from my computer for a little bit to take rest.

Q: How would you rate Eklipse out of 10?

Ans: I would say definitely a 7/10. I find Eklipse visually stunning. Unlike most editing programs, where you log in to them only to get confused, Eklipse is phenomenal. It is so easy to understand and use. Something about Eklipse that I have not seen anywhere else so far is, you can send tiktok directly to your phone app. I am super excited for it to expand and send more clips.

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Conceptually, whatever you guys are doing is really new, fun and easy to access. The fact that editing software are usually complicated and not beginner friendly. Eklipse eliminates that which makes it a really solid app for everyone to use.

Q: Can you detail how do you use Eklipse as a Twitch streamer?

Ans: The main thing is obviously, getting clips, converting and posting them to tiktok. I like closed captions, it’s great, the clips do well. The templates are very useful too, my go to are split screen and circle facecam.

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I also use Eklipse to collect clips. I eventually want to move to YouTube, still learning to edit videos. Eklipse gives longer clips so if I have played a game I can take those longer clips and post directly on YouTube which is really cool.

Q: What do you think about Eklipse Premium?

Ans: Unfortunately, a lot of people like free things. I do not know how informed I am about this but I feel like Eklipse premium is a bit expensive. I’d like to add that because of how important it is I feel you guys should charge for the base program which is currently free.

I talk to a lot of streamers and I don’t think we will mind paying for it. You can then add some features in premium for a few extra bucks rather than it being pricier.

Q. What do you need from Eklipse in the future? Any issues/suggestions?

Ans: I would love to see the following few things which in my opinion can take Eklipse from an amazing to an excellent app like no other:

  • Custom filters
  • Instant clips (except the tiktok)
  • Manual Clipping
  • Clip Reminders/Pinning
  • Funny clips

Q: What if Eklipse is not there next year?

Ans: I love the ability to not have to make clips or pull my VODs manually. Eklipse is giving what it claims. It saves a lot of time and mental energy for me. It fills the particular niche of time saving, easy to use app. Allows me to be mobile and gets work done efficiently. I would feel really sad if it is gone.


This is all we had for you from our recent Eklipse feedback interviews. We hope this testimony showed the potential of our product and was able to persuade you to at least give it a try. You can now download the brand new Eklipse app from Google Playstore to edit clips on the go. Try Eklipse now & let us know what you think. Until then, happy streaming!