How to Play Call of Duty Offline Easily

How to play Call of Duty offline? Is it even possible? To answer this question, we have created a complete guide that you can read on below.

Lately, Call of Duty Mobile is on the rise among mobile game lovers. The game, which was released in early October, has now been downloaded by more than 1 million people on Google Play.

The presence of this CoD Mobile game seems to get a positive response from mobile game lovers, besides the more people who play it, there are also many reviews that say this game is quite good.

However, now also many questions arise about this game. Such as the following.

Can call of Duty Mobile be played offline?

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As reported by the & sites, the question ‘Can I play Call of Duty Offline?’ has been asked by several players.

Unfortunately the CoD Mobile game does not support playing offline. To be able to play this game, our smartphone must be connected to an internet connection. We can read this information on the Activision website.

This is because CoD Mobile is designed as an online game that can only be played with an internet connection. Even if we try to turn off the internet connection while playing this game, we can’t even play it at all.

If the internet connection on the smartphone is not connected or unstable, an error message will appear on the screen as image down below.

To play this game we must connect to the game server, that way we can create a squad of 5 people and play in the desired mode such as Deathmatch mode, Battle Royale, or Bomb Mission.

Other frequently asked questions are:

Can we play against bots offline in Call of Duty Mobile?

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Although in the CoD Mobile game there are bots that act as opponents for new players. But there is no game mode that can specifically fight bots.

Maybe in the future there could be a game mode against bots, we’ll see.

If you want to play an offline sniper game, then you can choose one of the games in the Offline Sniper Game post.

What happens if the internet connection is lost while playing CoD Mobile games?

When the internet connection is lost while playing CoD Mobile games in either Multiplayer or Battle Royale mode, we have the opportunity to reconnect. However, if successfully reconnected, we will be redirected to the game homepage.

When the internet connection is lost and cannot connect to the game server there will be a warning as below.

Then, does Activision have plans to create an offline mode in Call of Duty Mobile?

Based on an article written on the website. It seems that Activision has no plans to make an offline mode in this CoD Mobile game.

Moreover, Activision will not get anything when making this offline mode. Maybe the benefit is that players can easily push rank and can get items if offline mode is in CoD Mobile.

It should also be noted that the Call of Duty Mobile game is not only available for Android smartphones. iOS users can also play this game released by Garena Mobile Private.

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