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Jinx League of Legends: A Guide to Carry Games

Tired of having a losing streak? Check out this Jinx of League of Legends guide that could help you win games and rank up.

One of the champions that is quite popular in LOL Wild Rift is Jinx who is a marksman who relies on her attack speed.

Having Jinx in a team certainly gives its own advantages, especially with passive skills that are able to provide movement speed, making it easier to kill continuously.

Well, here is a complete guide from the Jinx champion so that you guys could carry games easily. Check it out below!

Jinx League of Legends Abilities

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Generally, champions in League of Legends have several types of skills, from passive, active, to ultimate. Well, those of you who play using Jinx are very suitable as a carry, here are some Jinx skills:

Jinx LOL Wild Rift Passive Skill: Get Excited

The name of Jinx’s passive skill in LOL Wild Rift is Get Excited. Jinx’s passive skill is very useful throughout the game, you know!

This passive skill provides a movement speed bonus for Jinx every time a champion, turret or inhibitor dies within 3 seconds after being hit by this champion’s attack.

This bonus movement lasts for 6 seconds and can penetrate the normal movement speed cap.

Jinx League of Legends Active Skills

In addition to passive skills, of course Jinx also has active skills that are quite deadly for opposing champions.

1. Switcheroo

Jinx’s first active skill in LOL Mobile is Switcheroo. This ability allows her to switch to normal attack types. When not active, Jinx will use a minigun that gives a bonus attack speed.

When activated, Jinx will use a slower rocket launcher and use the meaning of each shot.

Although slower and has a cost, this rocket launcher shot has an AoE splash effect and higher damage.

2. Zap!

Jinx’s second active skill is Zap!. This ability is able to make the opposing champion slow down and be visible on maps for 2 seconds.

This skill has a fairly far range and a low enough cooldown to spam.

3. Flame Chompers

Flame Chompers is a skill to trap the opposing champion from Jinx by targeting an area.

Champions affected by Flame Chompers will be rooted and unable to move. After a while after that, Chomper will explode and deal AoE damage.

4. Super Mega Death Rocket

This is another dangerous skill from Jinx. With this skill, Jinx will fire a rocket whose damage will increase as time passes.

That is, the longer the rocket moves, the more the damage will increase, so that the opposing champion affected by this skill can be immediately disabled.

Best Summoner’s Spell for Jinx

Jinx is advised to bring Heal and Flash. Heal must be brought because it can save Jinx and closest teammates with the least remaining HP in critical situations.

Like when hit by an enemy gank or in the middle of a teamfight. While Flash is a Summoner Spell that must be under all champions.

Jinx League of Legends Recommended Build

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As a Marksman who is required to have extraordinary Damage, Jinx must choose Infinity Edge.

In addition to increasing its damage, Infinity Edge also has a Passive which increases critical strike by 230%.

For the selection of boots, Jinx really needs lifesteal to provide continuity when facing enemy Fighters or Assassins.

Lifesteal will also help Jinx to farm in the jungle (when you really need an additional gold source).

Rapid Firecannon is the next item for Jinx to become a complete killing machine, even against Tanks.

Pros and Cons of Playing Jinx in League of Legends

Jinx’s strengths and weaknesses in LOL Mobile cannot be separated from the skills they have, as well as item support as marksman.

Advantages of Jinx LOL:

  • Tough in late game
  • Easy to play
  • Has a long range with his super mega death rocket

Weaknesses of Jinx LOL:

  • She is quite difficult at the beginning of the game
  • Does not have the ability to escape well because she only relies on flash

Tips on How to Use Jinx to Win

Using Jinx, you can say you have to be careful, because her skills are considered difficult. In addition, Jinx also does not have a good escape ability.

The best Jinx runes for Bottom Lane are Precision as primary and Sorcery as secondary. To complement Precision, the Best Rune Keystone used is Fleet Footwork.

Bottom Lane is the best path for Jinx to fight in the game, until now we haven’t seen any other path as the best choice for Jinx.