Overwatch 2 Characters: Best Heroes to Play 2022

Let’s take take a look at which Overwatch 2 characters we think will be worth their salt when Overwatch 2 launches.

In less than 4 months, we will have Overwatch 2, one of Blizzard’s most anticipated games. After waiting for several years, the developers finally gave us what we wanted. Although some fans were disappointed by the new content, which it dubbed “Overwatch 1.5”, the game actually features a lot of changes that would be interesting to see.

In addition to the new maps, battle tickets and skins, we will also have access to many hero changes. We’ll have three new heroes to choose from, two of which look interesting. With that said, we haven’t seen how they will work in the new game and the settings they will adjust.

Many people who will play OW 2 already have experience with the first version of the game. However, the others will be making their first steps in the franchise, which is why we decided to share some of the heroes they should focus on. Keep in mind that much of what you may read here may change once the game becomes available.

Cassidy – One of the best Overwatch 2 characters (DPS)

overwatch 2 heroes cassidy
Source: The Verge

The first name that comes to mind when talking about some of the best heroes in Overwatch 2 is Cassidy. Although other heroes have undergone more changes, it looks like this will be one of the top DPS heroes in the upcoming game.

Cassidy has several new things that will make him one of the top DPS heroes. Even though the hero can’t rely on his Flashbang anymore, he has a new ability called Magnetic Granade. This allows him to throw grenades that stick to enemies and can deal up to 131 damage. In other words, this grenade will increase its damage output even more.

In addition to the hero’s new ability, his Fan of the Hammer’s fire rate will increase by 7.5%. This will increase his damage because he will be able to kill his target faster.

Speaking of killing someone, Overwatch 2 will also introduce some changes to Deadeye. When used, Cassidy will get a damage reduction of 40%. Next, the ultimate will deal 130 damage/second for the first two seconds, after that this number will be 260/second. In other words, Cassidy should be able to use her ultimate more often and get more kills.

While some people won’t be happy Cassidy is no longer stun, the new grenades look very promising. Having played the beta for a while, we can safely say that it is easy to use, making it very effective.

Mei (DPS)

Overwatch 2
Source: Gamebrott.com

The second DPS hero you should focus on when playing Overwatch 2 is Mei. She is one of the least popular heroes in Overwatch, especially among lower-ranked players. Due to its low damage output and the fact that you can make a lot of mistakes while playing, many players choose to avoid it.

It looks like Blizzard isn’t happy with the current state of the heroes as they’ve changed a lot for Overwatch 2. While Mei doesn’t have any new abilities, the existing ones are very different. 

Starting with its main fire mode, it no longer stuns enemies. Instead, it slows them down to 50% of their movement speed and deals almost twice as much damage. In other words, Mei is now one of the deadliest heroes you can face in close combat. 

Unfortunately, the high damage output must be paid dearly because the hero’s Ice Wall is not as strong as it used to be. Apart from losing nearly 50% of its HP, the wall now had a maximum range of 20 meters. In other words, Mei wouldn’t be able to block her opponent as well as before.

Another important thing about Mei in Overwatch 2 is that her ult will now cost 15% more points to cast. This Nerf is thought to be due to a combination of 100 DPS and the ultimate fast-charging which is deadly.

Last but not least, Cryo-Freeze Mei will not be able to remove the Gravitic Flux that is interfering with Sigma. This is another nerf that many will agree with as Mei easily goes up against one of the most complex tanks in the game.

Orisa – One of the best Overwatch 2 characters (Tank)

Source: Forbes

Despite the fact that most of you are fans of DPS heroes, Overwatch has tons of cool tanks that can make a difference when playing. Orisa is one of the top picks in Overwatch because her shield and increased damage allow her to fin in a variety of settings. However, the developers behind Overwatch 2 decided to revamp this hero from scratch and give him a bunch of new abilities. As a result, Orisa was one of the strongest heroes during the beta.

Instead of having Halt!, Protective Barrier, and Supercharger, Orisa now has Augmented Physio Driver, Energy Javelin, Terra Surge, and Javelin Spin. These abilities allow the hero to deal significantly more damage and even have some CC. However, he is not as tanky as before, so you have to be more careful while playing. 

Sojourn – One of the Newest Overwatch 2 Characters (DPS)

overwatch 2 sojourn abilities
Source: PCGamesN

Although we think Junker Queen should also be on this list, we don’t have much information about the hero yet. What’s more, we haven’t had a chance to test it yet, which is not the case for Sojourn.

This DPS hero doesn’t seem impressive at first, but after spending some time with her, we can safely say it’s going to be awesome. Sojourn can deal a lot of damage and can easily escape the most complicated situations. However, he needs you to have good aim to land your shot because she is similar to Solider: 76. In other words, you have to be a great aimer to succeed.

Kiriko (Support)

Kiriko Overwatch2

Kiriko Kamori is the Overwatch 2’s first new support hero. Kiriko’s kit combines defensive and offensive skills, giving her an excellent choice for gamers searching for a support with greater versatility. She also has some excellent movement incorporated into her kit, allowing her to be a strong support.

Kiriko has excellent mobility and can quickly reach her companions to provide heals and buffs. While her Kunai allows her to compete in battle, Kiriko should keep a safe distance from adversaries and stay near to allies who can benefit from her powers.

We hope to have more information about Overwatch 2 in the next few months. Don’t forget that the game is free to play, and you can use the skins you get in Overwatch. It will also offer new maps and lots of other little things.

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