The Best SMG Warzone List in 2022

best smg warzone
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Tired of losing over and over in Call of Duty Warzone? Try switching to the best weapons! Here are the best SMG Warzone weapons you need to use in 2022.

Call of Duty Warzone has managed to attract tens of millions of players since its release. You may find it difficult to win against other players if you don’t get a weapon that suits you. There are many weapons that you can get in Call of Duty Warzone, but of all weapons, there are 7 of the best weapons in CoD Warzone.

You can get these seven best weapons by buying them or finding them randomly throughout the map. Immediately, let’s discuss the seven weapons in Gamexran’s version of Call of Duty Warzone!

7. FR 5.56 / FAMAS

warzone FAMAS
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Many of the gunfights in Warzone occur over medium to long range, so the FR 5.56 is the best choice. Its triple burts will give you the best accuracy that makes it easier for you to take down enemies from a considerable distance.

In addition, we recommend using Monolithic SuppressorĀ  to increase your range. For intense combat, use Integral Hybrid and Round Mags to increase your bullet count to 60.

6. Oden

oden warzone
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Oden is a weapon that inflicts very high damage but unfortunately this weapon has a fairly high recoil. Oden’s single-burst is slow enough to make it unsuitable for close combat, but excels at ranged combat. If you can control Oden, then you will be easy to defeat the enemy in just a few shots. To overcome the recoil level that Oden has, We recommend that you use a Monolithic SuppressorĀ  to stabilize it.

5. The Best SMG Warzone: MP5

best smg warzone
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This is the best SMG weapon in Call of Duty Warzone for those of you who like close and medium range combat. With high accuracy, great damage and good mobility, we think MP5 is the next best weapon.

Use the Monolithic SuppressorĀ  and the 10mm automatic 30-Round Mag, for much more range and damage. Keep in mind, as this is a melee SMG weapon, it is not recommended for use as long range fire. Because it will be ineffective and reduce the resulting damage.

4. Grau 5.56

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Grau 5.56 is a versatile weapon that you can use at close and long range. If you make Grau a melee weapon, you have to remove stock and add a ZLR Drifter A-08 to make this weapon perfect. Or if you want to make the Grau a ranged weapon, add the Tempus 26.4 Archangel barrel, Ranger Foregrip, and FTAC R-89 Rubber rear grip

3. Holger-26

holger 26
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Especially for Warzone, this weapon is very effective because of its range and ammunition capacity. This weapon has 100 bullets that can be used if you are dealing with a group of enemies. The Holger-26 has incredible accuracy if you can match it with the right attachment. Don’t forget to use Sleight of Hand to make this weapon reload faster.

2. The Best SMG Warzone – Versatile: M4A1

m4a1 warzone
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The M4A1 is the favorite weapon in this game even in all shooting games. The M4A1 is good for all combat conditions. Very high fire rate at close range and still deals massive damage at long range. Add your best version of the attachment to make this weapon dominate your battles in the field.

1. The Best SMG Warzone – Long Range: HDR

best smg warzone
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You will definitely find enemies at a considerable distance, because of that HDR is the best sniper in Call of Duty Warzone. Usually players will add a Thermal Dual Power Scope which can be enlarged up to 12 times to make it easier to see your enemies. As for attachments,

We recommend using the Tac Laser and FTAC Stalker-Scout to increase the speed of your ADS. This weapon is suitable to be combined with other weapons such as M4A1, Holger-26, and even Grau 5.56.

So, those are the 7 weapons in the best Call of Duty Warzone that are guaranteed to make your game even more GG! Good luck on your games!

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