Valorant Tier List Patch 6.0 – Best Agents Ranking

Our Valorant tier list is constantly updated with the latest meta information. It may change slightly as you climb the ranks, but keeping up with these changes will lead to a more successful gaming experience.

With 18 agents to choose from in this competitive shooter, finding the right character can be challenging; plus patch 6.0 pretty much shakes up the meta.

We’ve done the research for you and created a tier list to guide you in selecting the best abilities for each character. We’ve done all the hard work for you, so don’t waste time experimenting – just use our insights to make smart choices.

Additionally, we offer an easy tutorial to help you make game changes.

Valorant Agent Tier List – Patch 6.0

S Valorant Tier List

  • Jett
  • Sova
  • Raze
  • Killjoy

A Valorant Tier List

  • Breach
  • Sova
  • Killjoy
  • Phoenix

B Tier Agents

  • Raze
  • Brimstone

C Tier

  • Reyna
  • Viper

S-Tier Agents List

1. Jett

Jett is a quick, agile fighter who can escape from almost any situation. She’s got an easy to use blade throwing ult and mastery with navigation through the arena as well; making her one of those players that you want on your team.

2. Sova

Sova is a pure, sneaky recon agent. His Shock Bolts are useful for clearing out traps and chipping away at enemies while his Owl Drone can be used as an effective follow-up attack in some cases where you need to halt pushes or stop tanks from getting any further forward – but only if executed perfectly.

3. Raze

Valorant Raze guide: How to play the most OP agent

Source: RedBull

Raze is a staple in Valorant and thus in our Valorant Tier List, and for good reason. Paint Shells can pick up cheap frags with her Flight Mode Cluster Grenades or Rocket Ult to buy time while you escape from engagements if necessary!

Her versatility also makes her one of the strongest agents when it comes down to clearing utility on your team’s side – she doesn’t excel at anything too heavily so most matches won’t see much use out-of-the-box by any means but that just leaves more opportunities where Razes shines brightly: being able to adapt quickly during clutch moments.


Killjoy is a new player in Act II and wins a spot on our Valorant Tier List. It has some great gadgets to help you avoid getting caught. But her main advantage? She can gather information without putting herself at risk! This makes Killjary one of the more valuable characters for your team, but why isn’t she S-tier like other powerful players such as Acid Burn or Target Practice.

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A Tier Agents List

1. Sage

Sage is a highly skilled duelist who can handle 5-player rushes with ease. The unique thing about her is that she is the only character who can heal herself without any restrictions, making her a valuable asset. Her wall ability can also create some really impressive plays.

2. Fade

Fade has a solid set of skills that are easy for teammates to use, even with limited communication. Seize is a crucial part of her kit that often goes unnoticed, but it can effectively stop 5-player rushes and allow for smooth teammate transitions.


Though Cypher is the best recon agent with its easy defence and powerful ability, Codename Gumshoe can be unbeatable on sites if used correctly. This makes it a tough choice between these two for who should take up space in your loadout or team composition as you fight across various maps throughout gameplay. The current meta suggests that Cyphers are unmatched at locking down sites even compared with killjoy’s abilities and thus wins a place in our Valorant Tier List.

4. KAY/O

KAY/O has a well-rounded set of abilities, and can pull off impressive moves with his right-click flash. However, this ability has been weakened a bit. KAY/O excels in supporting others and setting them up for success, but may not perform as well in solo play.


Valorant Agent Guide: How To Use Reyna | Player.One

Source: Playerone

Reyna has a lot to offer as an agent, but it is only with the skilful hands of high-level players that she can reach her full potential. In ranked play in our Valorant Tier List alone Reyna falls short in terms of raw utility because lower-ranking players cannot always counter someone else’s strategy effectively enough without taking too much damage themselves or being killed outright before they have time for anything other than basic attacks and skills accordingly making C tier more appropriate.

B Tier List

1. Phoenix

Phoenix has a powerful ability that can be used to push into site solo so here it is on the Valorant Tier List. With the right timing and accuracy, Phoenix’s Flash will go off at just the right moment to bring down an enemy shield with relative ease while bypassing theirs in battle or pushing enemies out of their own territory like I did when our team won.

2. Breach

Breach - Valorant Agent Guide - Mobalytics

Source: Mobalytics

In a meta that heavily favours Operators, his flash-based abilities are hard to use from long angles because they have been designed around a certain style of play. This is not necessarily a bad thing since these types of characters can fill some niche needs in the current meta but it does make him less powerful when compared with other heroes who don’t rely on this type of CC disruption as much such as entry or Reaper.

3. Chamber

Chamber has fallen from grace, going from one of the strongest agents to one of the weakest. He was hit with significant nerfs and is now the least useful Sentinel. His firepower can’t compete with the likes of Raze and Jett, who are top-performing duelists.

4. Brimstone

Brimstone specializes in the art of attack. He can lay long-lasting smokes without line sight, and if you’re on point with your timing even at start-up of round – that’s never been done before! His Molotov cocktails also pack quite a powerful punch: they’ll deny plants or stop defenders from defusing spikes right when it matters most.

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C Tier List

1. Astra

Astra is a character that works best with a coordinated team. She can be difficult to make solo plays with and is best used by more skilled players. She shines at higher ranks.

2. Neon

Neon, as a duelist, requires a fair amount of support from teammates and has limited usefulness on most maps, with only Fracture and Pearl being exceptions. Other duelist characters have more independence and can perform better on their own.

3. Harbor

Harbor has had a tough time finding a place in the meta since his release. Unlike other controllers who have clear strengths on certain maps, Harbor doesn’t have any maps where he stands out, making him less useful.

4. Skye

Skye’s playstyle was altered to be less focused on personal gain and now requires strong communication and teamwork to fully utilize her abilities. With that makes Skye less preferable in the solo rank situation, though it might be shine in a high-rank with more coordination play.


So Skye concludes our Valorant ultimate agent tier list for patch 6.0. We are seeing that the OG agents like Jett, Sova, and Raze are still strong pick on this patch.

On another side, somehow the newer agents like Astra, Neon, and Harbor find it difficult to place on the current meta. So, which agent is your favorite?

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