Where To Get Smithing Stones in Elden Ring

To achieve the glory or to be the top player in Elden Ring, you have to be a powerful player – one of the way is by owning great weapons. That is why you will need Smiting Stones. Smithing Stones in Elden Ring is an in-game item that allows players to upgrade their weapons and armor. However, you have to know where to get Smithing Stones Elden Ring.

Perhaps some of you still wondering about Smithing stones. But don’t worry, because we are going to give you a comprehensive explanation about this, including the benefits, how it works, and where to find them. So, without further ado, let’s just jump to the article.

What Are Smithing Stones?

Where To Get Smithing Stones Elden Ring
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Smithing Stone is an item in Elden Ring that can help you to increase the damage and potency of your weapons. Using this item, you are able to own good weapons that will give you a bigger chance to be the greatest player. They can be used to improve the stats and abilities of the player’s equipment, making them more powerful and effective in combat.

Aside from that, Smithing Stones come in two main types, which are Regular and Somber. There are also several ranks of Smithing Stones. Level 1 of Smithing Stones can improve your weapon to a +3 effect. Meanwhile, the higher ranking of the stone will be able to strengthen your weapon even further.

Furthermore, you will need the Somber Smithing Stones if your weapon has special properties or unique skills. You’ll really need this item to improve your weapon quality, particularly if you are going to fight for the last bosses.

Where To Get Smithing Stones Elden Ring

Smithing Stone (2 Elden Ring location)
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It’s quite easy to find Smithing Stones. You can see a lot of them all over the Lands Between. Additionally, you can get Smithing Stones on random humanoid bodies that can be looted once.

The level of Smithing Stones however based on the area difficulties where you are in. It could be lower but in great quantity, or a bit higher.

These Smithing Stones can be found in the tunnel mines where you can meet the enemy diggers hard at work mining. Furthermore, several examples of the tunnel that contains stones are:

  • Altus Tunnel – Contains Smithing Stone 5
  • Gael Tunnel – contains Smithing Stone 4
  • Limgrave Tunnels – Contains Smithing Stone 1
  • Morne Tunnel – Contains Smithing Stone 1
  • Old Altus Tunnel – Contains Smithing Stone 5
  • Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel – Contains Smithing Stone 2
  • Ruin-Sterwn Precipice – Contains Smithing Stone 4
  • Sellia Crystal Tunnel _ Contains Smithing Stone 5

Enemies That Drop Smithing Stones

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Besides many tunnels to find Smithing Stones, you can also get them from the enemies. Of course, the enemies will not give you the Smithing Stones directly as if it’s a reward. Otherwise, you need to pin them down first, so they’ll definitely drop the stones. Here’s the list of the enemies that have the chance to drop Smithing Stones:

  • Bladed Lion, Stormveil Castle (one time) – Somber Smithing Stone 1
  • Bladed Lions, Caelid (one time) – Somber Smithing Stone 4
  • Exiled Soldiers, Stormveil Castle – Smithing Stone 1
  • Fallingstar Beast, Caelid (one time) – Smithing Stone 7, Somber Smithing Stone 6
  • Fallingstar Beast, Altus Plateau (one time) – Somber Smithing Stone 5, Smithing Stone 6
  • Fanged Imps, Caelid Dungeons – Smithing Stone 4
  • Fanged Imps, Subterranean Shunning-Grounds – Smithing Stone 5
  • Flame Chariots, Mt Gelmir – Smithing Stone 5
  • Giant Hands at Caria Manor, Liurnia – Somber Smithing Stone 2
  • Giant Hands, Mt Gelmir & Leyndell Royal Capital – Somber Smithing Stone 4
  • Another Giant Hands, Subterranean Shunning-Grounds – Somber Smithing Stone 7
  • Godrick Soldiers, Raya Lucarian Soldiers – Smithing Stone 1
  • Leyndell Soldiers, Altus Plateau – Smithing Stone 4
  • Mausoleum Soldiers, Deeproot Depths – Smithing Stone 5
  • Summoned Raya Lucaria Soldiers – Smithing Stone 2
  • Stone Diggers at Ravine-Veiled Village, Liurnia – Smithing Stone 4

List of Merchant That Sell Smithing Stones

In this section, we’re gonna hook you up with a sweet list of merchants that sell those all-important Smithing Stones. You know what that means, right? You can upgrade your weapons and armor to become an absolute powerhouse and take down any enemy that dares to stand in your way. So, let’s not waste any more time, check out our list and get those stones!

Merchant LocationSmithing Stones Sold
Nomadic Merchant (West Limgrave Beach)Smithing Stone 1 x3 (200 Runes)
Nomadic Merchant (East Limgrave Saintsbridge)Smithing Stone 1 x3 (200 Runes)
Nomadic Merchant (East Limgrave Mistwood)Smithing Stone 1 x3 (200 Runes)
Nomadic Merchant (Weeping Peninsula Castle Morne Rampart)Smithing Stone 1 x3 (200 Runes)
Smithing Stone 2 x1 (400 Runes)
Isolated Merchant (Weeping Peninsula Isolated Merchant’s Shack)Smithing Stone 2 x3 (400 Runes)
Nomadic Merchant (Liurnia Lakeshore)Smithing Stone 1 x5 (200 Runes)
Smithing Stone 2 x3 (400 Runes)
Master Smith Inji (Road to Caria Manor)Somber Smithing Stone 1 (unlimited) (2,000 Runes)
Somber Smithing Stone 2 (unlimited) (3,000 Runes)
Somber Smithing Stone 3 x3 (4,000 Runes)
Somber Smithing Stone 4 x3 (6,000 Runes)


Now, after you have known where to get Smithing Stones Elden ring, you can start your journey to find some and improve your weapons. Once you got it, you are ready to be the greatest player of all. Good luck!

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