How to Add Xbox Friends on PC Halo Infinite: Ultimate Multiplayer Guide

how to add friends on halo infinite cross platform
Can Xbox and PC play Halo infinite together?

Many gamers are stumped about how to add Xbox friends on PC Halo Infinite. It’s because Halo Infinite doesn’t give any clear way for the PC players to get their Xbox friends onto their friend list. But do not worry about that, cause we have noticed this issue and go above to address it.

Additionally, Halo Infinite has come with a cross-play concept that will allow every player on PC or consoles to play together. So, no wonder many players want to add some friends from consoles, especially Xbox, to get into the game together.

Therefore, we are going to help you out with the following guide to know about how to add friends in Halo Infinite Xbox. Let’s get started.

How to Add Xbox Friends on PC Halo Infinite Using Xbox Game Bar

halo infinite crossplay steam

If you have started to play Halo Infinite and are looking for a way how to add Xbox friends on PC, you will need to launch Xbox Game Bar on your PC. Xbox Game Bar is really important to track anything regarding the game stuff from Xbox, including your Xbox friend list. So, without this, you won’t be able to invite your Xbox friends from PC.

Once you have launched Xbox Game Bar on your PC, you can follow this guide below.

  • First, go to Windows Settings and click on Gaming. Find the Xbox Game Bar and move the slider to enable it.
  • Second, make sure that you have connected your Steam account with the Xbox Game Bar as well.
  • After enabling the Xbox Game Bar and syncing it to your Steam account, now you can open the overlay by pressing the Windows Key + G button simultaneously.
  • Then, you can start typing your friends’ gamer tag in the search bar and hit the plus button next to their name to add them. Other than that, you can also click the Find Friends button to search for your friends from Facebook, Steam, or Xbox itself.

Something is worth noting that it’d be better if you use a PC for being a party leader. It’s because the crossplay of Steam seems to be a bit glitchy now. Aside from that, you can know how to add Steam friends on Xbox easily.

If for some reason you can’t use Xbox Game Bar on your PC, you can use Xbox App as an alternative. Get the Xbox App from Microsoft Store. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can start to find your friends through Xbox Social tab.

How to Join Friends in Halo Infinite Using Xbox

halo infinite crossplay steam

How to join and invite a friend if you play the game on Xbox? It’s actually so much easier than using a PC. The plus point is you don’t need to launch any app to connect your console. Here’s how to add PC players on Xbox.

  • To begin with, press the Xbox button on your Xbox. Then, navigate to the People tab.
  • After that, select Find Someone.
  • Then, enter your friend’s Gamertag
  • Finally, you’ll be able to invite your friends to play together in Halo Infinite.


So, that’s all about how to add Xbox friends on PC Halo Infinite. What do you think about this guide? Was it helpful enough? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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