The Fancy pants adventures
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The Fancy Pants Adventures: Should you play it?

The Fancy pants adventures is one of the most engaging and fascinating flash games out there. The game looks like it takes place on the last page of a children’s diary. It is rich with imagination and mind-bending lore. In the Fancy pants adventures, you start as a stickman who must save his kidnapped sister from pirates.

On your quest, you meet powerful enemies such as spiders, ninjas, and parrots with swords. To clear your path you perform crazy flips and free running stunts throughout the levels. So far, it looks like a really simple game with crazy gameplay.

Gameplay and levels  

The gameplay is just like any other 2d platform game except that it involves a lot of flips and parkour moves. Throughout the levels, you must collect snail-like lines and stars to continue. Other than the standard game levels, you can also take part in timed challenges to earn rewards. Overall, there are 11 levels in the game.

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All those levels are pretty engaging along with the story. There is not much dialogue involved but the bits the game provides are quite interesting. This game is for anyone who wants to enjoy parkour-style gameplay filled with crazy stunts and flips. The Fancy pants adventures will make you feel like a ninja.


Just like Mario, you can defeat your enemies by dropping on their heads. Though, the Fancy pants adventures isn’t just flips and parkour. The game also allows you to battle with your enemies with a cane you find on a level. With this new weapon, you can whack people, poke them, attack them from the air, and unleash a charge attack.

During the last levels of the game, you will be required to fight with your new weapon.

Multiplayer options

The multiplayer options for this game are quite lacking. If you are playing the game with an Xbox Live, you can play the game locally with 3 more friends. But there are a lot of problems attached to this. Someone who wants to play the game has to wait till you complete a level before they can join in.

Another problem is the camera. It takes a while to zoom out when two or more players are separated in the game. You can encounter situations where your stickman is not visible to you at all and you end up dying. Once you run out of respawns, you need to wait for your friends to finish the level.

All of this is quite inconvenient.

The wardrobe

One thing that you will love about the game is customization. You can change your character’s headgear, weapon, and pants. Remember about the stars we told you about? Those stars allowed you to unlock the original Fancy pants adventures.


Overall, Fancy pants adventures is one of the most fun and engaging games out there. If you love flash games, you should definitely play this game. Playing this game will make you nostalgic about the time we all used to play flash games. If you are planning on playing with your friends, make sure you have an Xbox Live.

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