5 Top Blockchain Games of 2022: Play And Earn Money!

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Blockchain games have become something which everyone looking for recently. It’s not only providing you with joy and amusement through the interesting games but allows you to earn money from it as well. No wonder everyone keeps asking about the top blockchain games that are worth trying.

Talk about earning money, you can earn money as much as you can by collecting and trading a lot of NFTs within the game. Of course, for some people, this is a quite strange thing to do. But here we are, in the advanced part of life.

So, if you are a gamer and starting to curious about play-to-earn games, we are here to guide you. We have made a list of the best blockchain games you can try. Without any further ado, let’s just dive right in.

Splinterland: One of The Top Blockchain Games

Top Blockchain Games
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One of the top NFT games you need to try is Splinterlands or also known as Steem Monsters. Splinterlands is a card game that lets you get cryptocurrencies in Hive blockchain. Though it’s known as a card game, however, it’s different from other similar games.

Splinterlands is claimed as the trading card game (TCG) with more than 280 cards as NFT assets. Now, you knew that you can earn money by trading those cards as what the game sounds like.

Aside from that, this game is quite friendly for every beginner. You can just take on quests, challenge other players in ranked play, or join the tournaments to collect rewards.

Alien Worlds

 top NFT games
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If you want to know more about metaverse and want to explore it more, Alien Worlds will be the best game for you. In Alien Worlds, you’ll be told that the metaverse is divided into seven different planets. You can claim the planets to be yours, colonize and develop them in your way.

The cool thing about this game is that it can be both competitive and collaborative. While you are colonizing the planets, you are able to join and work along with other players. You can find any new NFTs, or even create your own.

On another side, it can be competitive if you decide to claim their territory or currency to be yours. Therefore, you need to think about the best strategy to play this game. The tools, weapons, and avatar can be traded as an NFT in Trillium cryptocurrency. Are you interested to play it?

Gods Unchained

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God Unchained is one of the best blockchain games to make money. It’s actually similar to Splinterlands where you can battle your card with other players. Every card in this game is an NFT. Therefore, players can trade it to the secondary market or to other players to get money.

To gain more precious cards in the game, you have to win every fight you took with other players. What’s more interesting about this game is that you can play it free, despite your need to pay if you’re going to have your starter card deck.

Axie Infinity

Pengembang Axie Infinity Berhasil Dapatkan Suntikan Dana Sebesar Rp2,1  Triliun
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Who doesn’t know this game? One of the pioneers of crypto games on Android and iOS you could’ve tried it. This is a cute and fun game where you can take care of the pets called Axie. The Axies are collectable, and you can also trade the Axies to the secondary markets or other players to get AXS.

In addition to that, taking care of the Axies is not enough, you need to prepare and train them as well to be ready to go to the battle arena. Use your strategy to win the battle and get more Axies to trade.

However, before you start to enter the battle arena, you need to have at least three of the Axies to take care of. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough money to get the Axies. The Axie Scholarship will definitely help you to get it.

Silks: The Latest of The Top Blockchain Games

Game of Silks Raises $2 Million To Bring Thoroughbred Racehorses Onto The  Blockchain | Bitcoinist.com
Source: Bitcoinist

The last blockchain game that is worth trying to earn money is Silks. Silks is a brand new NFT game that combines real-world horse racing with the unique metaverse. The digital horse itself is an NFT which you can collect and trade them.

Additionally, the digital horse has a similar characteristic to the real-world one. So, if a real-world horse is known for having a good quality, then the digital horse will benefit from the same quality.

Though it’s a quite new game, you have to try it out in order to know how many benefits you can get from playing this game. Enjoy!


So, that’s all the five Top blockchain games in 2022 you need to try. You’ll not only get the fun and joy but a lot more than that. A successful trade of the NFT from the game will turn you into a sultan if got perfect management about it. Just try it now and enjoy!

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