Top Valorant Knives to Solo Carry

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What are the top Valorant knives? Let’s take a look at the list below to help you improve your meelee skills in Valorant! Valorant is currently one of the most popular first person shooter genre games.

One of the things that makes Valorant popular is the presence of a feature to modify weapons. Yes, players in Valorant can change the style and color of weapons in Valorant according to their wishes by using skins. These skins can be purchased through the store with Valorant currency, namely Valorant Points (VP).

To get VP, players must exchange some real money which can then be used to get VP depending on the nominal purchase. So far, there are hundreds of skins that have been released by Valorant on various existing weapons.

Especially in melee or handheld weapons or also known as knives. This weapon usually gets a new skin every time a new skin series appears.

So it’s not surprising that melee weapons are the weapons with the most skins in Valorant so far. So far there have been more than 34 skins that players can use to change the appearance of the knife he is holding.

Of the many skins, we have summarized the five best Valorant knives which of course must be considered to have.

1. Elderflame Dagger – One of the Best Valorant Knives

Elderflame Knife.

Elderflame Knife. (Valorant)

This skin appears together with the first and only ultra skin series in Valorant at this time, Elderflame.

This knife is shaped like the nails of a dragon which when used has various interesting effects.

As one of the first ultra skin series, it is clear that the treasure to get this knife is not cheap, the price of the Elderflame Knife in the store currently reaches 4950 VP.

2. Ruination Blade

Valorant knives Ruination Blade

Ruination Blade (Valorant)

This skin has just been replaced by the latest skin series, namely Sentinels of Light.

The Ruination Blade takes the form of a black sword that is enveloped in a dark aura when used.

Regarding the price, players now have to spend 4350 VP.

3. Glitchpop Dagger/Axe – one of the best dagger Valorant knives

Glitchpop Dagger

Glitchpop Dagger (Valorant)

The Glitchpop series has two types of skins for melee, namely those in the form of small knives and axes.

Both have similarities with anime patterns that can change color when released.

Glitchpop dagger and ax each have a price of 4350 VP.

4. Prime //2.0 Karambit

Prime //2.0 Karambit.

Prime //2.0 Karambit. (Valorant)

The Prime skin series is predicted to be one of the best skins in Valorant, that’s why the developer, Riot Games, then launched its second version.

In the second version of Prime, the Prime//2.0 Karambit skin appears which has a unique animation when issued by the user.

Players have to pay 3550 VP.

5. VALORANT Go! Vol.1 Knife

valorant knives


VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Knife. (Valorant)

Although it is called a “knife” melee, this one reminds players more of the iconic weapon that is often used by ninjas, the Kunai.

The animation embedded in this weapon is also unique, namely that players can play it on their fingers.

To get it, players have to pay 3550 VP.


Those are Valorant knives that you can choose to enhance your solo carry role. Other than that, you may want to use the Valorant Katana RGX 11z Pro bundle and create unforgettable gaming moment. Know more about it in our article: Valorant Katana RGX 11z Pro Skins Lineup Revealed.

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