Where to Find Lil Whip in Fortnite?

The No Sweat Summer Event is here, making almost every player sweat with challenges requiring them to rush across the Fortnite map to complete different tasks. This time around, the ice cream mission is making everyone ask where to find Lil Whip in Fortnite.

In this new mission, players need to collect ice cream cones, before dropping them at three differently named locations on the map to successfully complete the task.

These Ice cream cones can be found anywhere from refrigerators and coolers to ice cream makers, which is exactly why everyone is looking for Lil Whip in Fortnite Chapter 3.

Who is Lil Whip and How Can He Help?

Who is lil whip
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Let us introduce you to the man if you’re wondering who Lil Whip is and how he can help you complete the new task. Lil Whip is the name of an NPC character who runs an ice cream store called SoFDeeZ in Coney Crossroads.

Having released a flop rap album as an aspiring artist, he’s currently on the run, trying to evade the No Sweat Insurance agency. Now, he’s traveling around the island in his truck, giving out ice creams in the hopes of improving record sales during the No Sweat Summer event.

The Best Way to Complete the Ice Cream Challenge

Despite everyone looking for Lil Whip, we don’t recommend searching for him. That’s because, as we’ve mentioned earlier, he can no longer be found at his ice cream shop during the No Sweat Summer event. This means that finding him would not be as easy as it earlier was.

So, what should you do? In our opinion, the best course of action would be to look for refrigerators and coolers. Doing so would be far easier for you because there are some places where the probability of finding at least one of these things is higher.

As to what these places are: primarily deserted areas on the map and big gas stations. So, it would be best to land in an area like the Condo Canyon, with many refrigerators and coolers to beat the scorching desert heat.

Having said that, if you’re interested in taking up the challenge of finding Lil Whip and his ice cream truck, we’ll help you with that too. But bear in mind that you have limited time to find the ice cream cones before dropping them at least three different locations.

Where to find Lil Whip in Fortnite?

Where to find lil whip in fortnite
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Having told you about all the issues you might face upon choosing to search for Lil Whip. We’re here to make things easier if you still want to take up the challenge. So. to find Lil Whip, go to some of the places listed below, as he has been spotted at these locations during the No Sweat Summer event:

  • The Joneses
  • Shroom Station
  • Rocky Reels
  • The Daily Bugle
  • Reality Falls
  • Sleepy Sound
  • Beach Bash
  • Chonker’s Speedway
  • Wreck Ravine
  • Reality Falls

When you come across Lil Whip and his ice cream truck, he’ll begin dropping an unlimited number of ice creams for you to collect. We’d recommend you get your hands on all four ice cream flavors. That’s because ice creams are useful items in Fortnite, and each one with a different color has its distinct effect:

  • A normal ice cream cone: Restores a small amount of health.
  • A frozen ice cream cone: Restores a small amount of health and makes everything slippery.
  • A spicy ice cream cone: Restores a small amount of health and increases your movement speed.
  • A guzzling ice cream cone: Gradually replenishes your health.
  • Lil-Whip’s Special Serve: Replenishes your health and shields.

To Sum It Up

On the surface, the new ice cream challenge has to do a lot with time management, so strategizing your steps in advance and choosing the best way of doing it would help you save time. Otherwise, you could run out of time before completing the task.

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