Geyser Fortnite: Where to Find and How to Use


If you’re playing Fortnite’s Season 3 Week 6 quest, you might be wondering about Geysers in the game. Geysers are special spots that can launch your character into the sky. In the latest challenge, you need to use a baller, a zipline, and a geyser all in one match. 

Finding Geysers can be tricky, so let’s explain where to find them and how to use them.

What is a Geyser in Fortnite?

Basically, a Geyser in Fornite or real life is a hot spring that erupts with water periodically. Additionally, you can use this stuff to launch high up into the sky. Thus, you can traverse a great distance.

This is important to complete the task on Rave Cave in order to get special items. There are several geysers in Fortnite, and each has a different location. However, you’ll be able to find it easily through our guide in the next discussion.

The Geyser Locations on Fortnite

Geysers in Fortnite can be found in the western section of the map. This section is full of giant and glowing mushrooms. Additionally, there will be 12 Geysers in this area, but seven of them will be clustered together in Peril Pass. Other than the Geysers, you can also find Reality Falls and Greasy Grove in this section. So, here’s where you can find the Geysers.

  • Displaced Depot: the Geyser is in the east-northeast of the landmark building. You can find it on top of the giant shark-head-looking rocks.
  • Peril Pass: As previously mentioned, there will be some geysers clustered together here. You can find seven geysers near this landmark area, or on the west of Reality Falls.
  • Reality Falls North: On a small rocky island, north of Reality Tree, there is a lake area fed by multiple waterfalls and a geyser.
  • Reality Falls South: the geyser is located on top of a cliff across the road.
  • Scratch Pad: On the southwest of the Scratch Pad landmark, find ta geyser on top of a hill. Geysers may be surrounded by trees.
  • Shelly Shoals: On the west-southwest of Greasy Grove, you’ll find a geyser around a large cliff formation on the west coast by a Shelly Shoals landmark.

How to Launch into the Air Using Geysers?

Now as you have found the geysers, you can learn how to use them properly to throw you upwards. All you need to do is to stand in its centre when it’s starting to blast water. You’ll get fired upward then. Additionally, you can use the geyser three times to complete the challenge and obtain the XP reward.


So, that’s all about geyser Fortnite, where you can find them and how to use this to make you sky-high. It is supposed to be easy to do since there’s already clear direction about the location. Are you ready to complete the challenge? Tighten your belt, and move your feet!

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