How To Align Star Sensors for Fortnite Oathbound Quest

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 offers a plethora of objectives to tackle, such as the ever-changing daily and weekly quests, as well as the story-oriented, the Oathbound Quests.

If you’re up to date, you may have encountered a tricky task that requires you to perfectly align star sensors by hitting them in the correct sequence.

No worries, we’ve got you covered with our guide on how to align star sensors for the quest.

How to align star sensors in Fortnite

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When you already found the star sensor location in Fortnite, you can easily align it by hitting them with a pickaxe in the following order

  1. Crescent moon on the right side
  2. Half moon on the right side
  3. Full moon
  4. Half moon the left side
  5. Crescent moon on the left side

After hitting the star sensors in the right sequence, you can head over to the cosmic monitor and interact with it to finish this portion of the Oathbound quest.

There are more tasks after that, so keep going!

Where to find the star sensors in Fortnite

You’ve might heard this quest, and know how to do it, but not yet know where the star sensor location

To start aligning star sensors, you’ll need to head to Hidden Hinge, which is a bit of a hike northwest of Faulty Splits.

Once you’ve arrived there, you’ll have to set up the star sensors and a cosmic monitor before you can align them, so follow the prompts to get that handled.

Once you’ve got your star sensors and cosmic monitor set up, then you are done! The next thing you’ll need to do is follow the tutorial above.

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Tips to Clear the Oathbound Quest in Fortnite

Star Sensor in Fortnite (Image credit: gamesradar)

Since Fortnite is the PvP game, so it’s obvious the real challenge in completing the Oathbound quest is dealing the other players.

When the Oathbound Questline is active, Hidden Henge becomes a hotspot of chaos. Packed with everyone who are also trying to complete the quest or wish to cause trouble for those participating.

So make sure to approach the Cosmic Monitor’s location with caution. Scan the area for players who are camping or hostile before attempting to solve the puzzle.

The new Falcon Scout is an excellent tool for reconnaissance. That item allow players to investigate an area safely without worrying about unnecessary confrontations in Fortnite.

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That’s all you need to know about how to align the star sensors for the Oathbound quest in Fortnite.

Do you manage to clear the quest? If you’ve streaming Fortnite for a while, you should try Eklipse to clip the moment you clear the quest automatically!

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