How to Change Server on Valorant: 3 Options You Can Do

Valorant is a popular multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games. One aspect of the game that is constantly asked by the player is how you change your region in the game.

Unfortunately, the default answer for this is you can’t. Valorant is a region-locked game that didn’t allow you to change regions when you are already registered in one region.

But, there’s a trick to get around this. We got 3 options that you can try so you can change your region on Valorant, so check this out!

Option 1: Changing Valorant Region by Submitting Ticket to Riot Support

The only way to change the region on Valorant is by submitting a ticket to Riot Games support. Also, you’ll also need to have a VPN so you are detected as a player from the region you want your account to be changed.

To start changing your region, you can follow this step-by-step guide.

Step1: Install your choice of free VPN
Choose VPN server to the region you want to change, and turn it on

Step 2: Go to the Riot Support page
Look for the topic about Changing Your Region of Residence for Your Riot Account

Step 3: Scroll down look for Login button
Then login to your Riot Account

Step 4: Click Check, then you’ll see your eligibility to change your region

If you are eligible you can follow all the processes till you see a change on the Country / Region part at your account settings.

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Option 2: Create New Account with VPN Turned On

An alternative to changing the region of your current Valorant account is to create a new account in the region you wanted to play.

This is a much easier process since you can easily get through the Riot region-lock system by using VPN.

So, the first step on this is turning on your VPN and setting the server to the region you wanted to play at.

After that, you can continue create Riot Account like usual:

Step 1: Go to the Riot official registration page

Step 2: Type your email or you can simply log in with Facebook, Google, Apple ID, or Xbox ID

Step 3: Choose Create Account

Step 4: Fill up your data and done

Step 5: If you are doing it right, you’ll see your Country / Region section will be changed to the region you wanted to play at

Option 3: Changing Valorant Server

We are aware that this option is definitely different from what you are asking for.

But, if you want to change your Valorant region because of lag or connection issues, you can pick this option as a solution.

Step 1: Go to the match lobby.

Step 2: Click on the small 3 horizontal line icon. It’s on the upper right of your player card.

Step 3: Click it, and you’ll see the list of servers you can play at.

Changing Valorant server is actually far easier rather than changing your Riot accounts region.

Unfortunately, this option limit your server choice is to the one that is closest to your region.

But, you still can expect some different gameplay experiences, since one region provides you plenty of servers; for example, SEA / APAC region got Singapore, Tokyo, Mumbai, and even Sydney servers to choose from.


That’s all the options that you can do so you can change your region on Valorant. The simplest way to do it is by only changing the servers.

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But, if you really wanted to try a new gameplay experience on Valorant, then you’ll need to change your Riot Account region or consider to create new account on the region you wanted to play.

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