How to Come Up With a Username for Gaming

How to come up with a username for gaming? With these simple steps, surely you will be able to come up with an interesting and original name. If you want to make a nickname for your favorite game, try not to use a name that is too ordinary. You definitely want to use a unique and cool-looking name so that your opponent or friend in online games can give you more respect.

But considering the unique name is hard to find, not everyone can do it. Moreover, cool gaming names are generally already used by other people so you are forced to think of other names. So what is the solution? No need to worry, because we will try to help you to get a creative, unique, and suitable nickname game for you.

1. Avoid Sensitive Information on Nicknames

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First of all, before you try to think of the right name, try to keep your privacy so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong person. So don’t use a combination of numbers or words that can reveal your identity to people in online games.

Not all online gaming communities are friendly, some are toxic and if they don’t accept being defeated by your good skills, they might get angry and try to find you in the real world. Therefore, here are the data that should be avoided to be included in your nickname:

  • Full name. Never reveal your full name in the  online gaming world, for any reason. People can easily search for your name on the internet and collect other data.
  • Year of birth. Of course, we have seen many  nicknames that use a combination of numbers at the beginning or at the end. Using a combination of numbers is fine, as long as the number is not part of the number from the date of birth. For example, like Destroyer95, other people can guess that you were born in 1995 so that your age will be known.
  • Address. If you use the element of residence in your name, your identity might be more easily traced. Do not enter the address or city of residence, but if the name of the country or nationality is still okay.

By avoiding the elements above in your nickname, you don’t have to worry anymore if you have a salty opponent because your identity will remain safe.

2. Find out the Nickname Rules

Each game certainly has its own rules including the nickname rules. For example, some prohibit certain words, some allow the use of spaces, and so on. Here are the rules you need to know.

  • Number of characters. Don’t let you find  the perfect nickname, and it turns out that it can’t be applied because of the limit on the number of words.
  • Types of special characters. There are some special characters that are prohibited from being used, such as the “~” sign, comma, period, underscore, asterisk, and so on. Note that there are restrictions on any type of character in  the game being played.
  • Use of spaces. If you are allowed to use spaces in the  nickname, this will certainly make the idea of nicknames feel more flexible. But not all games can use spaces.
  • Certain sensitive words. Usually words that are “obscene” or racial are not allowed to be included in the  nickname. This is of course to create a healthier gaming community.

3. How to Come up With a Username for gaming? Use Your hobby!

Do you have any particular hobbies or interests? Whether it’s sleeping, eating, painting, reading, or something else. Well, your hobby or interest can be a source of inspiration to have a cool nickname game.

For example, if you like sleeping, you can put the word “Sleeping” in your name. Simple examples like “TheSleepingDragon” or “SleepingBeauty”. Of course, don’t just use hobbies as inspiration, there are some other tricks that can be considered as in the following numbers.

4. Favorite Games as a Source of Inspiration

You certainly don’t just like one game, are there other games apart from the online games you play? For example, like Pokemon, you can add elements from Pokemon to your nickname.

It can be from the name of the game, the name of the character, or the name of the place in the game. For example, you could use the names “KantoDweller”, “PokemonMaster”, and “AshKetchum”. There are many other combinations that you can apply, try using other games to experiment.

5. How to Come Up With a Username For Gaming with Numbers with Another Language

If you play a game such as an MMORPG on a global server, it will already be full of nicknames that use English. Now, this is where you can look more unique by using words from other languages ​​that seem cool or mysterious.

You can use Indonesian, Sundanese, or French, just if you have a word that you think is unique, just try it. In this way, other people will also ask questions and can be an interesting conversation starter when playing co-op.

6. How to Come Up With a Username For Gaming With a Nickname Generator

If you’re stuck thinking about a good nickname, why not try a name generator site? You only need to enter a few words that come to mind, and this generator engine will issue various nickname  game suggestions based on the combination of the entered words.

One of the best name generator sites is where you can enter several words such as names, adjectives, limb names, and also animal names. For each name, you can also click the Suggest button if you are confused about what to fill in. Then just click the  Write me some gaming names button and some suggested names will appear.

7. How to Come Up With a Username For Gaming with Numbers

How to come up with a username for gaming? You’re not creating a name for your birth certificate, so it’s okay to make your name as unique as possible with a combination of numbers that replaces some of the letters. But don’t use it too much, I’m afraid that your nickname will look like randomly arranged letters.

There are several practical examples. For example, your nickname is CrazyDude, you can make it cr4zydud3 to make it seem unique. After all, the name CrazyDude has probably already been picked up.

There are also some characters that can be replaced with numbers such as S with 5, I with 1, and so on.

8. Check Nickname Availability on Other Platforms

To strengthen your branding in the gaming world, you should also consider the names that will be used for other platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, or Instagram.

Try to use the same name on all platforms but the problem is when the nickname has been taken on  another platform. It’s possible  to change the name by one or two characters but it’s better to check at the beginning whether the nickname has been used or not. The reason is the similarity of names with other accounts can make the audience confused and may follow the wrong account.

No need to check each platform manually, because you can use name checking sites like Namecheckr,

This site will check the availability of nicknames on various platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Tumblr, Blogger, Vimeo, and so on. In fact, Namecheckr will also check the availability of names for domains with .com, .net, .0rg, and other extensions.


So that’s how to come up with a username for gaming. Hopefully after you read the tips and tricks above, you’ve found a nickname that matches you, One last tip from us, don’t think too much about the perfect name because in the end you will spend a lot of time just for the name.

It’s best to use the time to have fun in the online games you play. After all, the main purpose of playing is to have fun, right?

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