How to Fix Call of Duty Diver Error, Code 6 and More

how to fix call of duty diver error
Source: VentureBeat

Call of Duty Diver Error has recently flooded players’ screens, preventing them from playing the game. This problem started to arise after the latest update. Usually, unlucky players would get the “Download failed” message, stating an error code 6 or DIVER.

Afterwards, a prompt suggesting them to retry or go offline is shown. Of course, this is very frustrating. Some players have complained that they weren’t able to log in to the game for three days.

Despite that, this issue has already been acknowledged by the devs. Currently, it’s in the process of getting a new update. Until then, you have two options. Either you wait or try these fixes for Call of Duty error code 6 below!

How to Fix Call of Duty Diver Error Code 6

how to fix call of duty diver error
Source: VentureBeat

Please note that there has been no official word on how to fix this issue. The steps below are taken from threads and discussions of players. They might be worth a shot, so try them out.

  1. Restart your router.
  2. If you’re playing on PC, turn off Windows firewall.
  3. Download the latest update using cellular data instead of WiFi. Some players claimed that their WiFi network may have caused the update to corrupt. However, it worked using cellular data.
  4. Delete and reinstall the game.

How to Fix Call of Duty 5476 Code Error

How to fix call of duty code 6 error
Source: Jioforme

Another issue that has been bothering players is the 5476 error code. Unlike the Call of Duty diver error, this prevents players from starting multiplayer. Luckily, there’s a quick fix to that.

Players have reported changing their calling card and emblem works. This issue may be caused by randomizing cards. Reports have been sent to Raven Software. However, there’s no official word yet. They have only mentioned, “looking into this issue and will provide and update ASAP”.

How to Fix Warzone ce-34878-0 Error Code

Source: VIdeo Game Chronicle

Call of Duty Warzone ce-34878-0 error is also one of the most popular ones. This code usually pops up after your CoD game crashes. It’s pretty common, so you should know how to fix it. Simply follow the steps below!

  1. Since this is a common issue, you should try to update the game whenever possible.
  2. If updating your game doesn’t work, restart your device.
  3. Disable any settings related to facial recognition.
  4. Try to disconnect your external hard drive and then reconnect it.


Like any other games, Call of Duty Warzone also has its issues. Usually, a quick fix such as restarting your PC should do it. However, sometimes, it doesn’t always work out. Make sure you also check out other things. It may be your Windows firewall that needs to be deactivated or your game is simply outdated.

We hope that this tutorial on how to fix Call of Duty diver error and others helped you. Stay tuned for more useful Call of Duty articles!

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