How to Get Minecraft Gift Card for Free

Did you know that you can get a Minecraft gift card for free? Here’s a tutorial on how to get Minecraft gift card for free for those of you who don’t want to spend money.

Minecraft is a game about destroying and placing blocks. At first, people build structures to shelter and fight nocturnal monsters, but as the game progresses players work together to create beautiful and imaginative things. In Minecraft, you can create many things according to your own imagination.

If you buy Minecraft from the official website minecraft.neta, you’d need to spend $26.95.

But what if we can get Minecraft for FREE?

How to Get Minecraft Gift Card for Free

minecraft gift card code
Source: IGN

The solution is WHAFF rewards.

WHAFF rewards CODE AH18100.

You can download this app from google play store. then how to use it and get Minecraft? Here’s how:

1) Download  the WHAFF Rewards Application on Play Store.

2) After downloading, open the application, then look for the LOGIN button (in my version it is in the upper right corner.

3) After that you login with your Facebook account.

4) Then enter this special code AH18100 (this code works to get your first 0.30$).

5) To get extra money, you can get it from the apps provided by WHAFF, there are 4 things you can get from 1 app that you install,

  1. a) money from app installation
  2. b) money from using the app a few minutes a day
  3. c) money if you complete all points a, b, and d
  4. d) daily money from the app if you don’t uninstall it, so just leave the app you can get money, but the amount will be given the money depends on the app you install

After you collect enough money to exchange for Minecraft Gift Code ($26 cheaper $0.9) you can get Minecraft Gift Code to download Minecraft. Good luck!


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