How to Level Up Fast Chapter 4 of Fortnite

A new chapter means new adventures. Now it’s time to unlock many cosmetics, gain more XPs, and level up, since Fortnite Chapter 4 has finally kicked off at the beginning of December. But how to level up fast Chapter 4?

Leveling up in Fortnite basically requires a big effort and a lot of time. Thankfully, there are some quick ways to average up. Let’s check them out and reach the top in no time!

1. How to Level Up Fast Chapter 4: Completing Daily and Weekly Challenges

You won’t miss out on every day’s challenges if you are serious about collecting experience points in this new chapter. Doing daily quests will grant you 3,000 + 45,000 XP in total each day. That’s extremely rewarding.

You can complete the quest with Party-Assist mode where you and your team members can focus on a particular task to finish it all quickly.

How to level up fast Chapter 4
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In addition to daily challenges, weekly challenges are also worth fighting. Each batch has seven sets of challenges, which will give you seven days to complete them. And when it comes to the reward, you’ll get 16,000 XP for completing a batch.

On top of that, you can also earn two to three levels after accomplishing all of the quests. Unlike the daily quests which might be a little more challenging, the weekly quests are relatively easy. So you’ll only need a whole afternoon to complete them.

2. Reaching Certain Milestones

Another way to collect more XPs is by overcoming certain milestones. Milestones work differently with regular challenges. It works in stages.

Each milestone will normally take you to complete 20 stages with 6,000 XP rewards each. If you are able to achieve all of them, you can earn 1,200,000 XP + 1,000,000 bonus XP. This is actually a big chunk of XP, though.

Fortnite battles pass fast level up
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Do you want to know the best part of Fortnite’s milestones? They are relatively easy to overcome. You may have to destroy certain items, shoot enemies with a certain weapon, and more. With that said, you’ll probably finish them off without even realizing it during the regular play.

To make sure what things you should accomplish later, just check them out on your Quests Menu.

3. Level Up Through The Creative Mode

Level Up Through The Creative Mode
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Do you remember that Fortnite offers several game modes, including the Creative one? Well, this mode is basically perfect for those who are just bored of the monotonous Battle Royale mode.

This mode is actually fun to play since players can get a chance to create anything on the Creative Islands at their fingertips. It allows you to make your own rules, fill them with your favorite things, let your favorite person visit your island, and more!

If you decide to play this mode and have the Accolade Device enabled, then you’ll get more opportunities to earn XP by getting certain achievements or reaching certain levels. Doesn’t it sound exciting?

4. Earn More XP Through Save the World Mode

 Earn More XP Through Save the World Mode
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Alternatively, you can try the Save the World mode for more experience points. Just like the Battle Royale mode, STW also has daily and weekly challenges.

However, the XP you’ll earn from this mode isn’t as much as you earn from the Battle Royale mode. You’ll get 33,000 XP upon daily challenge completion and 138,000 XP for weekly challenge completion.

Therefore, it’s best to use STW mode as a supplementary rather than the main source to collect XP. 

5. Complete the Oathbound Challenge: Ultimate Way to Level Up Fast Chapter 4

Complete the Oathbound Challenge: Ultimate Way to Level Up Fast Chapter 4
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The ultimate way to gain extra XP in the latest chapter is by completing the Oathbound challenges. Each quest will grant you 20,000 XP. However, you might need to roll your sleeves and work harder to deal with multiple matches. 

Once you’ve managed to accomplish all challenges including defeating the final boss, The Ageless Champion, you’ll get 100,000 total XP as the reward. Don’t miss out on this or you’ll lose a chance to get on top of the ladder faster.

Strategies for Gaining XP Fast in Fortnite

Ready to leave the lower levels behind and fast-track your way to Fortnite greatness? Buckle up, because we’re about to share the most effective XP-earning strategies that will blast you straight to the top of your Fortnite game. Here are some game-changer tactics that will supercharge your XP earnings:

1. Master Your Challenges:

The Weekly Challenges are your bread and butter when it comes to XP farming. These tasks may vary from week to week, but one thing stays the same – the sweet XP payout for completion. So, dive into those challenges, whether it’s hunting down opponents with a specific weapon or exploring new POIs (Points of Interest).

2. XP Coins – Your Treasure Hunt:

Don’t overlook the importance of XP Coins. They’re scattered across the Fortnite island and come in different colors, each carrying a unique XP value. The purple ones explode into smaller coins when you touch them – it’s like a mini XP pinata!

3. Ignite Your Creative Spark:

Fortnite’s Creative Mode isn’t just for building masterpieces – it’s also a fantastic XP farm. Certain maps, like AFK XP farms, can net you XP simply for hanging out and exploring them.

4. Show Some Team Spirit:

Playing Team Rumble mode can be a fun way to rack up some easy XP. With respawning enabled and a focus on achieving team objectives, you can keep scoring without the fear of being permanently eliminated.

5. Medal Punchcard:

Last but not least, don’t forget about your Daily Medal Punchcard. You can earn medals for the first match of the day, completing certain in-game actions, and more. Every medal you earn goes into your punchcard, and every filled punchcard translates to more XP!

Remember, Fortnite is a game, not a race. While gaining XP is essential for leveling up, the main goal is to have fun! Use these strategies as a guide, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey. After all, Fortnite is about more than just the XP grind – it’s an adventure every step of the way!

Wrapping Up

That were some quick ways to level up in Fortnite Chapter 4. Although it helps you a lot in earning more XP, you’ll still need effort and skill to get things done. 

If you can be consistent in doing these, it’s possible to reach level 200 by March 2023. Furthermore, the upcoming Fortnite Winterfest 2022 will also give you a lot of opportunities to gain additional XP. Are you ready for that?

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