How To Mark Enemies Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

The ability to mark enemies in Fortnite Chapter 4 is critical for success on the battlefield. By highlighting the location of opponents, players can keep their squadmates informed and one step ahead of the competition. In addition, it can also act as a warning signal to indicate potential danger.

Week 7 brings new opportunities for players to showcase their marking skills and earn experience points. There are two separate objectives to conquer. One challenge tasks players with marking 10 enemies in a single match, while the other challenges players to mark opponents over the week.

How to mark enemies in Fortnite PC, then? Good question, try these methods to get things done. Here we go.

1. Place Marker Button To Mark Enemies in Fortnite

Mark Enemies Fortnite
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Marking enemies in Fortnite is as easy as hitting the “place marker” button, a versatile tool that allows players to not only pinpoint their enemies on the map but also to mark strategic locations for their team.

Despite being the most basic way to mark opponents, you’ll still need a bit of practice. PC players can use the middle mouse button while console players can use the left button on the D-pad.

With some time and effort, you’ll become a pro at identifying and tagging enemies, giving you an upper hand in battles.

2. Capture Points

Fortnite marking enemies
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Another method of Fornite marking enemies is by using the Capture Points. This is basically a new element of gameplay in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. When captured, these points provide a treasure trove of loot to players. But it’s not just the loot that’s valuable, claiming a capture point also reveals all the enemies within a 14-tile radius for 30 seconds.

For those who are willing to drop into hot-drop zones and claim a Capture Point, the rewards are greater. Not only you will have the loot, but you’ll be able to mark multiple enemies at once, giving you a powerful advantage.

However, it’s not an easy task and comes with its own set of risks, but those who can navigate them will be able to complete the challenge in no time.

3. Another Way To Mark Enemies in Fortnite: Using Reality Augments

how to show enemies on Fortnite
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Achieving an Augment that marks enemies in Fortnite requires a bit of luck, but you can increase your chances by rerolling your Augment selection. Each match allows for one free reroll, but any additional attempts will cost 100 gold bars.

There are two Augments that can mark enemies: Bloodhound and Storm Mark. Storm Mark, on the other hand, is the ultimate choice for marking, as it pings the area to reveal nearby enemies whenever the storm changes.

4. Using Shadow Tracker

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Uncovering enemies in Fortnite just got a whole lot easier with the Shadow Tracker (Exotic). This powerful weapon can be obtained by trading 400 gold bars with the NPC Evie, who can be located south of Shattered Slabs.

What sets the Shadow Tracker apart from the rest is its silent firing mechanism. This allows players to mark enemies without alerting them, making it possible to sneak up and take them out or disappear without a trace. 

Whether you’re looking to engage in combat or simply stay ahead of the competition, the Shadow Tracker is a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal.

5. Falcon Scout: The Newest Fortnite Marking Enemies Method

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The Falcon Scout item was added to the game in the v23.20 update. With the Falcon Scout, players can gain a strategic advantage by gaining a bird’s-eye view of the battlefield and marking enemies using the ‘mark’ button on their gaming devices. 

However, it’s important to note that the Falcon Scout’s range is limited to 150 meters, so players must keep track of this and stay within range to effectively use the item. Going beyond this range will cause the item to lose signal and be dismissed.


From the basic ‘place marker’ button to the powerful Shadow Tracker (Exotic) and the new addition of Falcon Scout, players have a variety of options for marking enemies on Fortnite. 

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and mastering them takes some practice. But with the right skills and a bit of luck, you’ll be able to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents, giving you a significant edge in battles.

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