How to Play Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Split Screen

Looking for a fun experience? Try playing Call of Duty Cold War zombies split screen with a friend. Nowadays, it’s very rare to see a game that enables you to play split screen. With technology becoming more advanced, online play has become the most popular mode.

However, Black Ops Cold War is known to still give split screen a whole lot of love. The latest entry in this CoD franchise allows you to play competitively with a friend in the same room! Afterall, games are always better with friends, right?

If you have never set up a split screen before, then it might be confusing. In addition, the controls and settings may feel clunky. Don’t worry though, as doing it is relatively easy and quick. Simply follow the steps below!

Which Game Modes Support Split Screen?

Before we explain how to play Call of Duty Cold War split screen, you should know which modes are supported.

So far, there are two out of three game modes that can be played on a split screen. The first one being high-octane multiplayer action.

The last one is the popular zombie mode. In this mode, you and your friend will slay endless waves of the undead. Think you’re up for that challenge?

Right now, it’s unclear whether split screen will be added to campaign experience in the future. However, we can only hope this mode will also be available in the latest Call of Duty game!

How to Play Call of Duty Cold War Zombies Split Screen

Call of Duty Cold War’s split screen mode allows you to choose between playing vertically or horizontally. Moreover, setting it up is quite simple and won’t take you long at all. Also, note that this can only be done on console.

  1. First, connect a second controller to your console.
  2. Sign in to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live with your account.
  3. The split screen option will be prompted.
  4. Press the X/A button to join the lobby.
  5. You’re all set.

Yep, that’s all you have to do to play split screen. Pretty easy, right? Simply connect a second controller and wait for the prompt. Now, you can play other players side-by-side, just like playing retro 90s games!

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Did you find this tutorial helpful? If so, stay tuned for more tips and news regarding Call of Duty!

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