Today you will learn how to play Wordle, a viral word guessing game. Amid this pandemic, everyone has some time to kill and who does not like secret word games? It is great fun for two or frankly, any number of people. Grab your partner or you can always play it with your family and friends. Wordle got viral because of the simplicity of its design and the curiosity of which words it will uncover each day.

What is Wordle?

Source: Wordle web

Wordle is, as we have said before, a word-guessing game. Basically, you will get options to fill the six boxes with random words. You will then guess a word for the given number of blank spaces. The games is color coded. You will see different colors for different options. Say if you guessed an alphabet wrong you will get a color for that similarly, if an alphabet is misplaced you will see another color and so on. Let’s see where and how to play Wordle exactly,

Where to play?

Source: Wordle web

Each person can access and play Wordle through their browsers. It is free to play and it is only available through the official website. See these easy to follow steps to play the game:

  • Open the Wordle website in your browser
  • Read the How to play pop-up
  • Main page shows empty tiles/boxes
  • There are five rows and six columns
  • There is a keyboard style interface
  • Use your own keyboard/mouse to add alphabets
  • Make one complete word in each row
  • Press Enter to guess the word

How to play?

You need to guess 6 words that have 5 alphabets in them. It is completely on you as to what word you want to guess. If you still cannot play it or do not understand what to do here’s a step by step explanation,

  1. Follow the instructions above
  2. On main page click the first tile/box
  3. Add an alphabet in each tile/box
  4. Make a complete word
  5. Press “Enter”
  6. If an alphabet turns ‘Black’ it is wrong
  7. When it turns ‘Yellow’ it is misplaced
  8. If alphabets turn ‘Green’ They are correct
  9. Recheck all alphabets before your press ‘Enter’
  10. Enjoy the game

About Dev:

The developer of Wordle is Josh Wardle. Wordle is named after him. It is a wordplay on his last name ‘Wardle’ and it sounds quirky. Josh is a software engineer from Brooklyn. He originally made the game for his partner Palak, who has an affinity towards word games. Later, they shared the game with their friends and family via WhatsApp.

Everyone’s mutual love for the game pushed Josh to make a dedicated website for the game and it got viral in a matter of weeks. Now the game has more than 500,00 (Five hundred thousand) active player fanbase. In an interview when asked about an app for Wordle, Josh said that the game will remain free to play forever and for everyone. He further added that there would not be any further developments in terms of availability. So it seems that the only platform to access Wordle is through the website.


  • Why is everyone obsessed with wordle?
    Ans: Wordle takes a very short amount of time to play and get into but it is still very intriguing. Guessing games are generally fun for almost everyone.
  • Is there any wordle app?
    Ans: No, there is no app right now or in the pipeline for future though you can download similar games but they would not be wordle.
  • How is wordle different?
    Ans: You can play wordle only once a day and guess one word only once too.


If you have even a little spare time on your hand, say three minutes? Yes, that is exactly how much you need to play Wordle. It is a fun game to play with family and friends. Do try wordle and let us know if you like it.




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