How To Promote YouTube Shorts: Ultimate Tips

Like TikTok and Instagram reels, YouTube shorts have become popular among users. They do not only love to watch funny shorts videos but also be a part of creators. Many claims that YouTube shorts can be a good tool to earn money. The problem is how to promote YouTube shorts to be known by others?

This is the most frequently asked question for many beginners. It’s easy to make and post shorts videos. Nevertheless, it’s not easy to gain a bunch of viewers and get famous from it. So this article is going to give you comprehensive tips to prevent YouTube shorts not getting views. Let’s just begin.

How To Promote YouTube Shorts Efficiently

YouTube Shorts Segera Mendukung Fitur Voiceover

Earning money from creating content on YouTube is not a new thing. This has already been a normal thing to be a source of income for some people. But the problem is, people don’t know how to make YouTube shorts viral. So they end up making a video with fewer viewers.

That’s too bad actually, knowing that you have put big effort to produce the coolest video possible, but you miss the value. So that it is less attractive after all. But don’t worry, we have listed several tips for you to make your account viral, and it also applies to TikTok. Just check down below.

Make Shorts Videos As Regular Content

YouTube Umumkan Fitur Shorts di Indonesia, Ini Cara Aksesnya : Okezone  techno
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If you are a beginner, just try to make short yet attractive videos. It can be informative or entertaining content. Just make sure you don’t bring the heavy topic in your video because people want refreshments from YouTube shorts. It’s a quite different purpose from the regular YouTube video.

Try to do it regularly and constantly. You’ll find there’s no significant improvement at first. Nevertheless, it’s a process audiences try to get to know you. Just be patient and keep uploading a new video.

Make a Nice Editing To Promote YouTube Shorts Video

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When producing a great video, you should consider not only the content inside but also how it will be wrapped. Try to make nice editing. For example by putting relevant thumbnails, adding match back sounds, etc.

Make it as appealing as it can be, so people will be attracted to your video. It is probably great enough to be published, so the audience will probably enjoy it as well. You can use any video editor software to make it happens.

Do Research And Establish Niche

It’s a great tip before you produce a short video though. Do not make content just based on what you like. Try to understand what’s today’s trending, what people want from your video, and anything relevant to the condition nowadays.

This will increase the probability of your YouTube shorts video being liked and viewed by many audiences. Don’t put the old information in your video if you don’t want anyone to abandon your video. Just be wise.

Use Proper Tools To Direct The Traffic

YouTube Shorts Analytics: Why Every Creator Needs This Data
Source: vidIQ

As a part of your research, you should find and use the proper tools to control the traffic on YouTube shorts. This will help you to know what you are supposed to do to provide audiences with proper content.

Additionally, you will bypass the YouTube Shorts algorithm if you know the traffic. You will be read as a suitable user if you can do this. So it’s possible will promote your account or your video. Meaning that you’ll be more seen on others’ video choices.

Build A Reference To Promote Your Shorts Video

Another important thing you need to do is build a reference to promote your account and video. It’s not enough to learn how to upload YouTube shorts, follow the shorts algorithm, and do research if you never build reverence.

Build reference means you have engaged your channel to other creators on YouTube. You can not only obtain more viewers or followers, but also a network that opens more ways to be a famous YouTuber.

In addition to that, referring also can help you to make your account more visible. But to succeed in attracting audiences, make sure you can provide the information they need from your video.

Use The Right Hashtags

Tips before you post your YouTube Shorts video on your account, make sure you have made an intriguing title that can make people question, the description, and the important point is the hashtag.

Hashtags will help TikTok to group your video based on the keyword you apply. So whenever people write a hashtag that is related to your video, they’ll have the option to choose you. Thus, make sure you write the right hashtags.


Knowing how to promote YouTube shorts is necessary if you want to develop your channel through this TikTok-like feature. It sounds easy, but we believe this will be difficult to do. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it, right?

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