How to Turn on Visual Sound Effects on Fortnite? 4 Simple Steps

Fortnite has many features to improve your gameplay, including the “Visualize Sound Effects” option.

This feature displays on-screen prompts that indicate the location of chests, gunfire, and other players. Utilizing this option can give you an edge over other players in matches.

To enable visual sound effects, you can follow these instructions.

How to Turn On Visual Sound Effects on Fortnite

visual sound effects menu on Fortnite

Fortnite turns off this setting by default, especially if you play on a PC. To turn it on, you can navigate to settings and simply toggle on them.

Here are the steps you need to do to turn on the visual sound effects on Fortnite

  1. Go to Menu options, then select Settings.
  2. Go to the Audio option by navigating through the tabs.
  3. Scroll down, look for the Visualize Sound Effects option.
  4. Switch the Visualize Sound Effects option from Off to On

How Do Visual Sound Effects Work in Fortnite?

visual effects on Fortnite

The “Visual Sound Effects” in Fortnite display visual cues that correspond to various audio sources in the game.

It appears as a circle around your crosshair that points in the direction of the sound.

These visual cues can be triggered by any sound in the game, some the example are:

  • Sound of nearby chests
  • Animals
  • Player footsteps
  • Gunfire.

Each sound has its unique visual symbol displayed around your crosshair, guiding you toward the location of the sound.

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Do Visual Sound Effects Give You an Advantage in Fortnite?

Does visual effects on Fortnite give unfair advantage?

Enabling this feature in Fortnite can give you a significant advantage over other players by showing you the location of nearby chests and players on screen.

This can make searching for resources and identifying potential enemies much easier.

Additionally, the feature can improve your chances of survival and winning in a battle royale game, where quick reflexes are essential.

Aside from the in-game advantage, visual sound effects also make the game more accessible for hard-of-hearing players by allowing them to see out-of-screen objects that they would otherwise only be able to hear.

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That’s all you need to know about Fortnite visual sound effects, from how to turn them on, how they work, and the advantage of using them. What do you think of this feature?

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