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How to turn video into a live photo

Even though people tend to confuse live photos and videos with each other, the two are fundamentally different. However, you can turn a video into a live photo. Live photos have many uses. People love to put live photos as their wallpaper on phones, tablets, and computers. Today, I will tell you how to turn video into a live photo on iPad, iPhone, and Android.

So without further ado, let’s begin.

How to turn video into a live photo on Ipad/iPhone

For this, you need to download an app called Intolive on your iPhone or iPad. Once you download it, launch it and enable photo access. Now select the videos you want to convert into live photos. You can do some additional edits as well such as trimming, rotation, color saturation, etc.

You can tap “make” on the top right to convert the video into a live photo. Give it some seconds to create then tap save.

How to turn video into a live photo on Android

On androids, you can’t view live photos in the Photos app or your image gallery. This is because on Android, live photos are called live wallpapers and you can only view them as wallpapers on your phone. Follow these steps to turn a video into a live photo on your android:

  1. Download TurnLive – Live Wallpaper App. It will let you easily convert your videos into wallpapers.
  2. Launch the app and enable photo access for the app.
  3. Tap the live photo icon to begin editing.
  4. Tap the video to the live wallpaper option.
  5. Select the videos you want to convert.
  6. Pick a frame you want to use as a cover.
  7. Select the part of the video you want to use as a live wallpaper by using the slider.
  8. You can also use the filters to edit your live photo.
  9. Tap Next once you are done and select how many times you want the photo to repeat.
  10. Once you are satisfied, you can tap download to save the live photo on your phone.


That’s how you can use some third-party apps to create live wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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