How to Unlock Legends for Free in Apex Legends: 2 Fastest Ways

Apex Legends has unique characters with abilities called “Legends.” New players can choose from six initial Legends, while the rest can be unlocked with in-game currencies.

There are two ways to unlock all the Legends in the game. 

First, you can unlock it for free with Legends Tokens. Second, you can buy it using Apex Coins.

This post will guide you on the fastest way to unlock legends for free in Apex Legends!

The Fastest Way to Farm Legend Tokens 

Unfortunately, the only answer for this is to actually grind hours to the game.

Legend tokens can be earned by leveling up your account and Apex Legends reward you XP for everything you managed to achieve in the game. 

Every time you level up, you’ll get 600 legend tokens. and Legends cost you 12.000 Legend tokens.

So the fastest way to farm Legends Token is by doing this so you can get more XP:

  • Surviving in a match grants 3 XP per second.
  • Dealing 4 HP damage to enemies earns 1XP.
  • Being the “Kill Leader” grants 50 XP in addition to damage-dealt XP reward.
  • Kills are worth 50 XP.
  • Reviving allies grants 25 XP.
  • Respawning allies grants 200 XP.
  • Placing in the top five grants 500 XP, plus an additional 900 XP if you win the match.
  • Killing the previous game’s Champion also grants 500 XP.

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Tips to Level up Fast on Apex Legends

Knowing how the game rewards you with XP, means that you can’t play passively in the game.

While it grants you XP for every second you survive, being the kill leader on Apex Legends feels more rewarding, and also gives you more XP.

So to sum it up, even though you just played the game yesterday, here are 3 general tips so you can level up fast in the game.

  1. Don’t worry hot dropping in the place where everyone fighting
  2. If you choose to loot up first, always look for combat to gain more XP
  3. Keep practicing so you can get Champions and get more XP, or party up with friends so you can survive longer

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That’s all you need to do to unlock Legends for free in Apex Legends.

In the end, don’t forget to enjoy every of your game and don’t overthink how much XP you gain, since almost every action and achievement are rewarded!

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