How to Use Rainbow Six Siege Tracker

Rainbow Six Siege Tracker is a useful tool that lets you discover a lot of information regarding your gameplay. Despite that, some people may not be familiar with how to use it. Don’t worry though, as we will cover all of that in this article.

The new generation of consoles has been on the market for months now, and in addition to their flashy features we are seeing some older games being improved especially with these machines. Recently Rainbow Six: Siege was updated so that it can look better than ever before-and boy does it show!

One of the most used tools with this game is R6 Tracker, which reveals your updated MMR instantly after each round and counts down to a promotion! In this article we will focus on how it works.

What is a R6 Siege Tracker?

rainbow six siege tracker
Source: DewaGG

You can use the R6 tracker to determine your ranking against other players and compare it with what’s predicted by MMR. The system updates after each round, so you’ll know how well (or poorly) YOU played in previous matches before posting on Reddit that “your team sucks!”

Tracker Network is a safe brand that follows over 100 million players of the best competitive games and in touch with game developers/publishers.

If you’re passionate about Rainbow Six, this app will help keep track of your favorite players. You can find top R6 Pros and streamers on leaderboards!

The tracker offers stats for Xbox One ,Playstation 4 (PSN)Uplay/Steam .Indeed they follow all available data points from tournaments to player rankings -you won’t have any trouble tracking them down.

Keeping track of your R6 statistics is easier than ever with the huge number of players on this site.

The Official Track offers more options for statistical tracking than any other website, making it easy to see where you rank among all others who play this game!

How to Use Rainbow Six Siege Tracker

Using the tracker for Rainbox Six Siege is easy and only requires very few steps. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. First, open R6 tracker’s site.
  2. Log in or click register if you don’t have an account yet.
  3. Enter your Rainbox Six Siege username.
  4. Select the platform that you play.
  5. Hit the Enter key to check your stats.

What Makes My Rank Change?

how to use rainbow 6 siege tracker

No matter how many times you die or win a match, your MMR will never go up. Your rank is calculated solely based on the number of wins and losses in each game session; this means that a tactical shooter by Ubisoft encourages teamwork as players compete against others while working together with their team-mates for victory! 

The death rate doesn’t affect it either—it only influences whether there are more deaths due (surprise!) to those who have been playing longer than newer ones -but Match Score does give an idea about what kind(s) enemy might be expecting from certain maps.

Keep in mind that while the ranks awarded are relative and determined by performance against other players, they can change depending on your opponent. Losing a match will have less of an impact if you’re playing someone who has won many times before as opposed to challenging another player at similar skill level – which may seem like common sense but is worth mentioning regardless!

Increases RMM:

  • Match won
  • Cheater identified in losing match

Decreases RMM:

  • Loss of match
  • Early departure
  • Idle kicked
  • Vote rejected
  • Cheater identified in the winning match (Cheat)

Leaving a match too early will also impact your MMR and rank. Leaving the game in the middle of a winning streak or getting kicked all count as losses, even if you continue to win for other teams.

So, that’s about it. Using a Rainbow Six Siege tracker is simple, easy and gives you insight into your gameplay. It’s very similar to the Call of Duty tracker that we have once explained. In addition, you can also use this tool to check for hackers or cheaters by looking at their stats.

It basically works by recording your stats in-game. Players could learn a lot about their performance using this amazing tool. Moreover, console players can use it too!

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