Junk Rift Fortnite: Where to Find and How it Works

Fortnite never gets tired of showing new weapons every week. After discussing the Crash Pad and Firework Flare Gun in the previous article, the Junk Rift Fortnite will be the next weapon to introduce. Basically, the Junk Rift is not really a new item since its first debut was in 2019.

Although it’s a not-so-new item in Fortnite, some of you might have not known yet what it is and how it works. Don’t worry about that, because you can find out about it through our article. Keep scrolling!

What is Junk Rifts Fortnite and How Does It Work?

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Junk Rift is often misunderstood as being the same as Rift-to-go. Well, they are actually very different things. The Rift-to-go is an item that will help you to teleport anywhere, while the Junk Rift is an item you’ll need to cause significant damage in a certain place.

Yep, whenever you throw the Junk Rift into a random object, you can spawn them with a massive destruction effect. This item basically enables you to collapse the largest towers. You might be surprised at how much havoc it can wreak!

When it comes to the item stats, the Junk Rift can cause 200 damage from the direct impact. When the item lands, it can still produce the shockwave that deals 100 damage to players nearby.

Where to Find Junk Rift Fortnite

Junk Rift locations Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3
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Essentially, there is no guaranteed location to find this incredible item. But there are a few best locations to grab the Junk Rift. They are Tilted Towers, The Daily Bulge, and Coney Crossroads.

Other than those Junk Rift locations Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3, the Junk Rift sometimes could be available in Chests and Supply Drops as well, or even as rare floor loot. You need to get some luck to be able to find this item. Good luck!


The Junk Rift Fortnite is actually a quite destructive weapon. It’s primarily meant to break other players’ cover, such as building structures. Above all, this weapon does really make your life much easier in Fortnite. Wanna try it?

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