3 Best NFT Farming Games to Play and Earn

If the usual, trading card type of game doesn’t excite you, you should try playing the best NFT farming games to earn money.

Normally this type of game has a similar gameplay to old-classic farming titles, such as Rune Factory, Slime Rancher, Animal Crossing, and others.

They’re not quite action intensive, so they are the best type of game to play when people just want to have a relaxing gameplay.

If you are one of them, check out the list of the best farming NFT games below!

1. Wanaka Farm

best nft games to earn money
Source: Criptoeconomia

Wanaka Farm is an NFT game inspired by the realization of a place in our world. It is a city on the South Island of New Zealand. Players will gain experience in the role of a farmer, who has his own management area to use in producing, be it growing crops or raising livestock.

The area in this game is divided into 4 parts, namely Basic Land, Lake, Forest and Sea. Each of our areas will be able to do different things. Of course, at the first stage we have to use the common area itself.

The seasons in the game are divided into four parts, just like our world has Spring Season, Summer Season, Autumn and Winter Season. Each season affects the growth of what we plant.

While the contents of the gate are divided into 6 types: Land, Seed Items, Growing Items, Harvested Items, Product Items, and Build Items.

As a farming game, energy is the limit of the player’s actions, every action has energy value. Therefore, when we are going to do something we should plan it well in advance.

2. Farmers World, One of the Best NFT Farming Games

farmers world
Source: Farmers World on Twitter

Farmers World is one of the first farming games to work on the NFT platform. Players can choose the appropriate tools, explore various resources, buy land to build large farms, and enjoy the exciting experience of a farmer working in the Farmer’s World Ecosystem.

Farmers can grow GOLD and NFT in Farmer’s World just by mining and playing. In addition, farmers can use GOLD and WOOD to make their own repair tools and equipment. Catch fish to explore FOOD, then use FOOD to maximize your POWER stats.

To prepare for the upcoming war with forest monsters, farmers raise livestock to produce food and store it to ensure sufficient energy for battle.

The main character of this Game is a farmer who works in the Farmers World ecosystem. Players must have the tools to start playing. In Farmer’s World the player must choose tools to explore resources, it is also possible to buy land to build a farm. To start the game, an ax and a fishing rod are recommended.

The play-to-win mechanics come through fighting-to-win games. While players are waiting for the harvest, they can go to other farms and fight other players for resources. Because, players also have to be on guard and protect their own farm from intruders.

3. Mist Game

mist game nft games list
Source: CryptoDaily.io

Mist Game is a blockchain based role playing game (RPG) focused on NFT, staking, and farming. The game is built with Unity using the Mist NFT Game Framework (MNFG).

The game features five playable characters with countless different types of spells, abilities, and environments. Players can get NFT through rare monster drops and several other activities.

Unlike other NFT games, players will get NFTs that can be used and have the function to be included in the Mist Game Framework as well as become special items in the game.

Of course, the NFT obtained by players can be bought or sold in the in-game marketplace or other NFT marketplaces.


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