How to Play and Earn Money with Skyweaver NFT

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SkyWeaver is the best game for those of you who want to get crypto assets such as NFT (Non-Fungible Token). The best thing about this game is that it can played for free without initial capital.

The trend for NFT games continues to increase, so it’s not surprising that there are currently many similar games popping up. You can also choose your favorite game genre and play to earn money.

Following the success of Axie Infinity and Decentraland, now many developers are presenting blockchain games with game concepts that are no less exciting. One of them is the game SkyWeaver.

Well, for those of you who want to try investing in the SkyWeaver game, just take a look at the discussion about how to play SkyWeaver NFT which we will explain in this article.

About SkyWeaver NFT

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SkyWeaver is an NFT based trading card game developed by a company called Horizon Blockchain Games. The game is built on blockchain technology and operates on the Ethereum network.

Unlike most other recent NFT games that require you to spend money as initial capital, SkyWeaver can be played for free because it carries the Free-to-Play (F2P) concept.

In this game, you have to build a deck with the best cards listed as NFT assets. Each card comes with a different status and rarity that affects attack damage.

Later, your cards will be pitted against cards belonging to other players in real time. For that, arrange your cards with the best strategy in order to defeat the enemy and get rewards such as tokens and NFT.

In addition to offering convenience in obtaining crypto and NFT, SkyWeaver is also equipped with various mainstay features that make the game more exciting. Here’s the full review!

  • Free-to-Play : SkyWeaver is an NFT game without capital that you can play for free.
  • Collectible NFT : You can collect various character cards which are NFT items. The level is NFT to increase the damage in the game.
  • Marketplace : The NFT marketplace system here is designed to carry out buying, selling and auction transactions in games with guaranteed security.

In-Game Currency & NFT Items

Before starting to play and invest in SkyWeaver, make sure you find out information on the prices of tokens and NFTs being traded. You can check the information below to find out the progress.

SkyWeaver Token Price Today

SkyWeaver uses a token called SKY which is currently not officially released because this game is also only available in beta. Information about this token is also not yet available on crypto sites such as CoinMarketCap.

Meanwhile, SkyWeaver got a social score of 323 points on the PlaytoEarn site. There is also social media in the form of Twitter SkyWeaver (@SkyweaverGame) with a total of 23.2 thousand followers.

NFTs for sale

Even though it’s still in beta, you can already see a row of NFT items which can later become passive income when the game is released in full version. So, what are the NFTs in this game?

As a trading card game, SkyWeaver currently only sells character cards as verified NFTs. Each card is also distinguished by status and rarity.

How to Register SkyWeaver

To be able to play this NFT game, you must register and create an account first. For registration, simply follow the steps below!

  1. Go to the official SkyWeaver website.
  2. Click the Play Now button.
  3. Select the New Account option.
  4. Select an account to register.
  5. Finished.

How to Play SkyWeaver NFT

SkyWeaver is a free Android NFT game that you can play without any capital. At the beginning of the game, you will get a free card that you can use to play.

The free card unfortunately has a low status and does not include NFT items. However, you can use it to play until you get tokens to buy more powerful NFT cards.

To reap more benefits, you can participate in battles against other players. Make sure you strategize with the best card deck so you can win and get tokens and NFT.

The NFT you have can be increased to increase attack damage. Of course, you can sell the upgraded NFT in the marketplace at many times the price.


So, that’s all about Skyweaver. It comes with an interesting gameplay and many benefits that you, as a player, can enjoy. This trading card NFT game is a must try for everyone.

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