Overwatch 2 Sojourn: Skills and Hero Guide

overwatch 2 sojourn
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During the first Overwatch beta, many players are enthusiastic to try out the skills of the new hero in this game, namely Overwatch 2 Sojourn.

Sojourn was the captain of the Overwatch squad until it’s disbandment. She returned to bear arms after Overwatch was reactivated by Winston. Her body is equipped with cyber modifications that enhance its combat capabilities.

As a captain, Sojourn has mobility and proven skills that make her a unique DPS type hero. What are her skills like?

Overwatch 2 Soujourn Hero Skills

Sojourn is equipped with several skills that allows her to dodge and disable the enemy supports easily. If you are new to playing Sojourn, make sure you know how these work to utilize them during team fights!

overwatch 2 sojourn abilities
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1. Overwatch 2 Sojourn Skill #1: Railgun

Railgun is Sojourn’s main weapon that can be used as primary fire. This energy cannon can charge secondary fire in the form of a shot with super high damage. This weapon requires high accuracy to maximize its effectiveness.

“Railgun is the root of Sojourn. We wanted to create a mid-range hero that relies on accuracy, but is still fun when used at different levels and gameplay,” said Senior Hero Designer Josh Noh.

2. Disruptor Shot

Sojourn’s first skill is Disruptor Shot, which is an AoE attack capable of capturing opponents and draining their HP. Once they were entangled, Sojourn could freely beat them down with a Railgun attack.

Initially, the Disruptor Shot could destroy the barrier, before being modified. “Disruptor Shot evolved from eroding barriers to slowing down opponents with a net that allows Sojourn to use secondary fire with ease,” explains Narrative Designer Miranda Moyer.

3. Power Slides

Power Slide adds to Sojourn’s mobility ability where he will do a fast sliding using a rocket. In the middle of the Power Slide, you can press the jump button to soar high.

“We want to add a vertical element to his skillset so that Sojourn can access strategic locations more quickly and establish his role as a DPS mobile type hero,” continued Noh.

4. Overclock

Lastly, there is Sojourn’s ultimate, Overclock. This ultimate function is very simple, which is to automatically fill the charge from his secondary fire in a short duration of time.

According to the description, Overclock is a complement to Sojourn’s secondary fire which makes it a hero with high mechanical skills. “We want to make the skill like the hitscan version of Genji’s Dragon Blade. You only have a minute to take the risk, or you can waste it all,” Noh continued.


So, that’s about Overwatch 2 Sojourn’s skills and guide. She’s the latest addition to the DPS roster. Are you excited to play her in the second upcoming Overwatch 2 beta?

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