Secret passage in Fortnite Indiana Jones Quest

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We will tell you how to find the secret passage in Fortnite. Once you’ve completed the main chamber, we’ve discovered the coordinates and answer to the puzzle. This will allow you to find the secret door in Fortnite’s Shuffled Shrines.

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Fortnite Indiana Jones Quest

This test is a component of the new Fortnite Indiana Jones quest. In this quest the players must explore the island in search of artifacts and treasure to access the legendary explorer’s arsenal. The key to the main room and locate secret door in Fortnite for the Indiana Jones mission are revealed below.

You’ll need to explore a few more locations in Shuffled Shrines to solve the riddle. This will unlock the door beyond the main chamber. There is a hidden door within it. Therefore, to find the secret passage in Fortnite is only the first step in this quest.

Find the secret passage in Fortnite Shuffled Shrines

Complete the runes symbol puzzle to go to the main room. There find the secret entrance at Shuffled Shrines. Search for four rune symbols around the Shuffled Shrines region.

Take careful notice of the symbols carved into the stone runes. You should be reading them clockwise from west to east as shown on the map. Thankfully, the runes are always positioned in the exact same spot every battle. The symbols on the runes change every match. Hence, the puzzle solution to find the secret door in Fortnite and open it changes each time.

Ruin signs and the secret passage in Fortnite

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The first rune sign you need to remember is at the southwest corner of Shuffled Shrines, towards the bottom of the temple ruins. It’s between the center and leftmost petals of the purple tree icon on your map.

Proceed north up the tiny hill from the first rune symbol. You can find the second rune symbol to the northwest of Shuffled Shrines, close to the purple tree sign’s inward bend.

Find the third rune sign in the northern part of Shuffled Shrines, near the top of the hill. It’s right past the second rune and a reboot van.

You will find the last and fourth rune in the lower region, northeast of Shuffled Shrines, on the floor of a wooden enclosure.

After learning the right rune symbols, the riddle at Shuffled Shrines could easily be solved by turning the runes outside the temple’s main chamber.

Find the Golden Tomatohead

In the midst of Shuffled Shrines, on the lowest level of the map, lies the main room where you need to access the puzzle answer. It shows on the map as a purple tree with a white trunk.

You should rotate the runes and input the symbols you discovered in the same sequence as the above areas. Just because a door opens doesn’t mean you’re out of danger. You should not rush down the corridor just yet because it’s filled with lethal arrows. Instead, slowly advance until you are inside range of the arrows, then immediately retreat. If you follow the instructions to the letter, you will find a Golden Tomatohead in the end. If you grab it, the whole room will start to shake.

After that, there will be a leafy region to the right of where you found the Golden Tomatohead. Simply walk on past them to enter the hidden room. You will receive credit for this task after you have arrived. You’ll get the Indy’s Dustoff’ emote the first time you accomplish this, and you may do it again if you wish to unlock two rare chests in the same battle.


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