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Too Good At Wordle? Try Playing Absurdle!

Worldle is a free browser word guessing game. If you have clicked on this blog, you already know this. You are probably very good at Wordle as well. It’s true that when you get too good at something, it starts to appear very boring to you. Are you tired of winning the game every time you play and lacking a challenge? We got something for you! It’s called Absurdle.

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You should try challenging your skills with Wordle’s cousin, Absurdle! In today’s article, we will talk about Absurdle, and how you can play the game.

What is Absurdle?

Absurdle is a  word guessing game. It is developed by Qntm and has the same rules as Absurdle. However, it is much more challenging than Wordle. Keep reading to know how the game differs from

How to play Absurdle?

You have to guess a 5-letter word; if there’s a green square over your letter, then it means that your guess was right regarding the letter and the spot. However, if there’s a yellow square over your letter, it means you have the correct letter at an incorrect spot. If there’s a gray square over your letter, then it means your guess was wrong.

Absurdle screenshot

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You might remember that you get six chances to get the word right in Wordle. In Absurdle, there is no limit, and you can retry guessing the word infinite times. Now, you might think that this just makes the game easier than Wordle. But there’s a catch, every time you retry the guess, the solution to the puzzle will change.

If you think that’s a challenge, wait until you hear what’s next. Absurdle doesn’t just pick one word; rather, it picks many similar words to your guess. This prolongs the game and makes it much more challenging. Let’s say your guess was “QUICK,” Absurdle will find every single word that does not contain those letters.

That’s why it’s impossible to guess the word right on your first try. You will most likely fail on your second attempt as well. Absurdle is designed to prolong the game and keep you engaged until you give up or solve the puzzle. The shortest possible game on Absurdle is four turns. You can not go lower than that.

Obviously, there are only so many words possible with the given letters. Once you have run through all the possible outcomes, you will force the game into a corner. Green and yellow squares will start appearing on your guesses. Absurdle will still try to switch up the answers, but the pool will get smaller as you continue guessing.

Eventually, only one word will be left, which will be your right answer. While playing this game, always remember that it’s deterministic and will always end the same way. If you give Absurdle the same inputs through your guesses, you will be playing the same game. The game is reliant on you to provide random guesses.

Solving Absurdle Puzzles by coding

Writing a software program to solve puzzles is an extremely popular tactic. If you are good at coding, you can easily write a computer program to play the game for you. Absurdle’s algorithm is visible to everyone who plays it. Just click the view source, and the algorithm will be in front of you.

From there, solving the game becomes very easy. This will be a great exercise for coders and software developers.


Absurdle should be on the top of your list of games to play if you love challenges! Whether you want to play using the conventional method or through a program depends on you. Are you having trouble understanding the rules of the game? Here’s an official guide.


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