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How To Trim A Video On Tiktok And Keep Recording

Sometimes when you’re shooting a new video on TikTok, you found a part which seems not fit or not good enough for you and you want to remove that part to continue recording. But how to trim a video on TikTok and keep recording? Is that possible?

Actually, you don’t need to save the video just to remove the unwanted part using an additional app nor to learn how to trim a TikTok video in drafts at first. Additionally, the editing process or particularly trimming process can be done during recording. You’ll figure out how to do it in our guide below. Let’s just begin step by step.

How To Trim A Video On Tiktok And Keep Recording

Trimming a TikTok video is very easy to do. No need any extra effort nor additional apps to get it done. Without further ado, let’s just see the steps below:

  • Open TikTok and login into your active account
  • Then, click the ‘+’ button at the bottom of the screen
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  • When you see the camera preview, tap on the red button in the middle
  • Now, you are recording the video
  • You can tap on the recording button to stop recording, and tap on it to start recording again, do it to make multiple clips on your video
  • After that, if you find the unwanted part during the recording process, tap on the check button
  • It’ll bring you to the editing part, then hit Adjust Clip in the right menu
How To Trim A Video On Tiktok And Keep Recording
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  • Next, you’ll enter the editing trimming option
  • You can drag the bars on the left and right corners to select the part you want to keep and trim off the part that you don’t
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  • If you’re happy with the result, just tap on the checkmark at the right-bottom of the screen
  • Then, tap on the Save button at the top-right corner of the screen
  • You’ll see the video is now looping with all the trim and edits, then hit Next
  • Finally, write down the captions, hashtags and the just tap Post

However, something worth noting is that if you finished trimming certain parts of the video and you want to continue recording, you’ll lose all the trims and edits.

Here are the tips if you want to keep the trims and the edits to your TikTok video. Finish your recording process first, and after that, you can just trim, cut, and edit every clip on your TikTok video and save, and post it.

Other than trimming the part of the video, you can also learn how to adjust clips on TikTok with sound. So, your TikTok video will look more appealing while you post it.


If you wonder about how to trim a video on TikTok and keep recording, it’s basically possible to do. However, you can’t keep your edits or trims if you continue to record your video. This is why, it’d be best if you do any edits such as trim, cut, or anything at the end of the recording session.