Where is The Golden Scarab in Elden Ring? The Tips to Find and Get Them

Where is the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring?

Many Elden Ring players might ask this question as soon as they know about how powerful it is. Yes, The Golden Scarab Talisman Elden Ring is a powerful item in this game. This talisman boosts the amount of Runes players can earn from killing the enemies.

Additionally, the Golden Scarab talisman is very essential for farming and levelling up faster, even to bring down the tougher enemies and bosses. However, not all players know where and how to get them.

That’s why this article has been made. Through this article, we’re going to give you some tips on how to discover this powerful item. Without further ado, let’s just dive right into the discussion.

Where is the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring?

Where is the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring
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In order to find The Golden Scarab, you need to head over to an area in Caelid, East of the starting Limgrave. Specifically, the region called the Abandon Cave. The Abandon Cave is a well-concealed area full of Scarlet Rot rivers.

To be able to reach the dungeon, you should see a broken tree spanning the gap and make it a bridge to get across. Watch your step while crossing the branch since it possibly causes you to slide off the edge to your death. Other than that, there will be a lot of mangy monster dogs here as well.

Once you’ve managed to get into the dungeon, you’ll face a pair of a horrific and powerful bosses called Cleanrot Knights.

How to Get Through Abandon Cave Elden Ring

Where the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring is
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Before you reach the place where the boss is, you need to go through the cave tunnel first, and it won’t be easy though. Here’s the guide.

  • From the Site of Grace, you’re going to notice down the ledge is a pure Scarlet Rot. If you stand in it, it will raise your Rot meter. And once you’ve contracted Scarlet Rot, it can drain your health until it eventually kills you. So, be careful!
  • Keep an eye on the bubbling Geysers that regularly erupt. Avoid standing in these so you’ll get the lethal damage.
  • Jump down into the river once the Geyser has just exploded and headed straight for the Iron Maiden opposite
  • Then, take the left path to bring you deeper into the cave. Light a Lantern if you have one.
  • After that, head to the far-right side of the ledge and kill the fungus mage down to avoid their poison projectiles.
  • Keep moving until you reach the end of the tunnel, and you’re going to see golden fog. Then, welcome to the boss arena and good luck on defeating them.

How to Get Golden Scarab

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As previously mentioned, the cave will bring you to meet with the Cleanrot Knights boss. This is actually the key to getting the Golden Scarab. Do not try to befriend the boss, but kill them instead (of course!).

Defeating the boss may be a quite challenging task. As the Cleanrot Knights boss stays in a river of Scarlet Rot, note that you have to avoid standing in it. Try to get the backstab before the fight starts properly. Above all, the best advice to take down the Cleanrot Knights is to kill the Spear Knight first and then defeat the rest of them.

If you can defeat the boss completely, you’ll be rewarded with the precious talisman Golden Scarab and 7,000 Runes.


The Golden Scarab in Elden Ring is a precious item to level up and necessary to kill the enemies. Therefore, you need to grab it as soon as you can. Now that you get where the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring is and how to earn it, you can start your journey now. Good luck!

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