Wolfscent Fortnite Quest: How to Hit Enemy While the Woflscent is Active

wolfscent fortnite
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The latest Fortnite event, Fortnitemares 2022 is already here bringing Halloween-themed items and challenges. One of the Fortnitemares quests will instruct you to hit an opponent while the Wolfscent Fortnite ability is active.

Basically, the Wolfscent ability enables players to possess the tracking prowess as well as the awareness of an actual wolf. The quest isn’t quite hard to complete, but many players may get confused to start this challenge.

Worry no more about this because we have covered the guide on how to activate Wolfscent Fortnite and punch the opponent. Here we go.

How to Hit an Opponent While Wolfscent Is Active in Fortnite

Wolfscent Fortnite
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To be able to approach the quest, first, you must activate the Wolfscent ability that will require you to get the Howler Claws. It can be obtained by performing the Ritual Emote on an Alteration Alter.

Additionally, you can find the alter at the Reality Tree, near the Chromejam Junction, Flutter Barn, Cloudy Condos, Lustrous Lagoon, Shiny Sound, or Shimmer Shrine. Once you’ve got the Howler Claws, find an enemy and activate the ability.

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It’ll take any seconds to charge up the ability and activate it. Press the aim input which is on the left side of the screen, and now you can temporarily track nearby opponents. When you find an enemy, it’s best to attack them immediately with the claws before the ability goes on cooldown.

It’s worth noting that enemies that are being tracked by this ability will be more aware due to the audio cue that they receive. They may be able to use this time to prepare to escape or defend themselves using any Fortnite weapons. So, it’d be better to move quickly before you miss your target.


Now that you have known about the Wolfscent Fortnite ability, tighten your belt and be ready to beat up an enemy. This is the only way to complete the Wolfscent quest and get the reward.

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