Zero Point Dash Fortnite: What it Is, How to Get, and Tips to Use It

Zero Point Dash is Fortnite gameplay movement mechanism that gives you the ability to dash through the air.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 gives a bit of change to this mechanism, especially on the way to obtain it.

Keep reading on to know more about what is Zero Point Dash and how to obtain it in Fortnite chapter 4 season 1.

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What is Zero Point Dash in Fortnite?

what is zero point dash fortnite

Zero Point Dash is a unique status effect in Fortnite.

The status effect allows the player to dash through the air with something that looks like phasing through space-time. All you need to do to use this unique ability is by pressing the jump button twice.

But, you’ll need to obtain the power first, before you can use it in the battle.

How can you get the Zero Point Dash in Fortnite? Let’s get to the next section.

How to Get Zero Point Dash in Fortnite

how to obtain zero point dash fortnite

You can get the Zero Point Dash in Fortnite by using/consuming one of these 3 items: 1) Zero Point Crystals, 2) Zero Point Pretzel, 3) Zero Point Fish.

However, those 3 items will only give you a brief period of Zero Point Dash ability.

The best way to get the Zero Point Dash in Fortnite Chapter 4 is by using the Zero Chance Reality augment.

Reality Augment itself is kind of the special buff given to your weapons, items, or character.

The Zero Chance Reality augment is giving you the ability to get a Zero Point Dash every time you break an enemy shield.

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How to Use Zero Point Dash in Fortnite Chapter 4

tips to use zero point dash fortnite

You can use the Zero Point Dash by pressing the jump button twice in the game.

But, you’ll need to have the Reality Augment first, then choose the Zero Chance ability.

When you have that augment, you’ll need to break the enemy shield first so you can use that ability.

Now you know how you can activate that ability. But, what’s the best scenario to use this skill in the game?

Here are the 3 best tips on how you can use the ability in Fortnite.

1. Flanking Your Enemies

As a strong movement ability, using a Zero Point Dash for flanking your enemy is an easy task.

Every time you face build-fights or engagements in tight spaces, you can use the dash to quickly change your position and confuse your enemies.

2. Help you Closing the Gap

The next tips will need you to have a DMR, Scar, or Red-Eye AR as your weapon and a close-range weapon as the secondary.

With that weapon, you can engage in mid-range combat as you will. Whenever you break the enemy shield, the Zero Point Dash can help you quickly closing the gap to finish them.

So with this tactic, you don’t need to worry about the enemy hiding when their shield is breaking.

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3. Combine with other Reality Augments

One thing we’re all agreed on here is the dash effect is already powerful enough to help you to win the game in Fortnite.

But, the power itself has room to be better, especially if you combine it with other Reality Augments.

Two augments that fit together with Zero Point Dash that you can try is the Soaring Sprints or Danger Hero.

Combining that augments will give you insane mobility, so the enemy can’t catch you up.

Other than that, combining it with Shockwave Hammer has also proven to be handy. So when you are facing a battle, instead of running with the hammer, you can simply dash to preserve the hammer charge for attacking.


That’s all you need to know about the Zero Point Dash in Fortnite. So to sum it up, the Zero Point Dash is a movement ability in Fortnite.

You can obtain it by choosing the Zero Chance augments, then you can use by pressing jump twice after you break the enemy shield.

What do you think about this augment? Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share the article if you found this helpful!

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