Is It Better To Stream On Twitch Or YouTube? A Comparison

Is it better to stream on Twitch or YouTube? Honestly, it’s pretty hard to answer this kind of question since both are powerful platforms that cover anything you need as a streamer. To really decide who wins in this battle, it all depends on your perspective though.

Everyone knows that YouTube has become the king of sharing platforms. However, Twitch also cannot be underestimated as it keeps growing over time. Additionally, both YouTube and Twitch share many similar features. But they still have certain differences that set them apart.

So, if you want to compare both platforms, it would be fair to know about the differences as the key factor to consider. Let’s take a look at the comparison below.

Is It Better To Stream On Twitch Or YouTube: A Content-Type Comparison

Is it better to stream on Twitch or YouTube? Let's see the differences between them and decide your choice.

When it comes to content type, YouTube basically offers you two types of content. You can both go live or make pre-recorded videos on YouTube, while Twitch primarily made for live streaming. However, YouTube is mostly used as a place for enjoying the pre-recorded video rather than live streaming.

If you are into live streaming, Twitch might be the right platform for you. Meanwhile, if you like to record yourself while playing a game and love to show off your editing skill, YouTube might be perfect for you. On top of that, YouTube also enables you to customize your thumbnail to attract more viewers, while Twitch is unable to do that.

Content Rules

YouTube and Twitch will ban any content with nudity, violation, and hate speech. But it seems like YouTube has a little tighter rules than Twitch. YouTube has a zero-tolerance policy for those kinds of content. Twitch, on the other hand, sometimes could. It’s because live-streaming content is harder to control than pre-recorded video.

However, Twitch tends to ban content with zero warning, while YouTube applies the three-strikes system. So, the users can get warnings before they lose their content.

Engagement Level and Competition

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If you plan to start your journey as a streamer, YouTube may offer more friendly circumstances than Twitch. YouTube’s algorithm enables small content creators to have a chance at being seen by putting them on the user suggestion option. On the other hand, Twitch’s algorithm recommends popular streamers which can be unfavorable for newcomers.

Other than that, Twitch also requires you to stream regularly. But thanks to YouTube always lets you upload your video anytime. You will not be required to always appear in front of the camera to go live.

However, when it comes to engagement level, Twitch could give you more chances to engage and interact with viewers from live streaming.

Monetization System

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Is Twitch or YouTube better for money? Well, basically Twitch and YouTube can help you to earn money with content making. The question is which one will give you more money? It’s actually quite hard to determine.

YouTube share 55% of Google’s Adsense Contextual Advertising and their ad revenue for most content creators. Additionally, there are also Super Chat and Super Stickers that help you to gain more money as a streamer on YouTube.

As for Twitch, it only provides inline ads for its creators which are often blocked by viewers using AdBlock software.

To be able to make money on Twitch, you need to be a Twitch Affiliate first. You can be an affiliate on Twitch after you have 500 minutes of broadcast or 7 unique content within the last 30 days, got an average of 3 viewers, and at least 50 followers. Well, actually, this is not too crazy to do though.

Additionally, YouTube has a more complicated way to let its users monetize their channels. YouTube requires you to get 1000 subscribers, 4000+ watch hours per month, and more complicated home works to do. Don’t you think this is a lot harder to accomplish compared to Twitch, do you?

Partnership System

Partnership system on YouTube

Additionally, Twitch gives two options, either to be Affiliates or Partners as long as they meet certain qualifications. This two-tiered system helps content creators start monetizing their channels. YouTube on the other hand only offers the YouTube Affiliates program which is quite difficult to achieve.

Speaking of Twitch Partner, Twitch has changed the Partners exclusivity policy recently. Twitch used to ban its Partners to simulcast on other platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. 

But they changed the policy lately and allowed the Partners to stream on short-form mobile services such as Instagram and TikTok. However, a Twitch Partner is still unable to stream simultaneously on Twitch and YouTube or Facebook. But Twitch lets you stream on other big platforms after you finished your stream on Twitch.

Basically, this new agreement seems to be more advantageous in terms of expanding the community and viewers. But many speculated that this might just be a boomerang for all Twitch Partners later. 

Hypothetically, when many streamers are leaving Twitch for YouTube, Twitch will try to keep the partner agreement. That means, despite being left by streamers, Twitch will still earn money from the Partners program that remains. Well, let’s see how it can make changes.

Should I Stream on Twitch or YouTube 2022?

Deciding which one is the best platform to live stream actually depends on your preference.

If you have a lot of time to stream and enjoy interacting with your viewers in real time, then you can choose Twitch as your platform. But if you want to more focus on streaming and video editing, YouTube might win at a nose.

But for sure, if you want to grow your channel as a streamer either on Twitch or YouTube, you might want to try is an AI highlight generator that automatically creates a clip of your stream and can convert it to a TikTok format! It’ll help you with faster content creation process, save your time and energy, Go give it a try!

So, is it better to stream on Twitch or YouTube then? You decide.

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